Milwaukee Says No More ‘Pokemon Go’ without a Permit

A permit for virtual reality stops?

The Pokemon Go craze has caused such a surge in the number of people venturing into Milwaukee County public parks that the County has demanded that the CEO of Niantic, the game’s developer, apply for a permit.

WISN 12 News reports that the Milwaukee County sent a letter to John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, asking them to get a permit. The historic Lake Park is one of the Milwaukee’s hottest Pokemon spots and trainers have created parking, litter and congestion problems.

“We’re asking them to submit a permit so that we understand who is the contact (and) how we can get a hold of them if this should get out of hand,” Milwaukee County Parks Director John Dargle said in an interview with WISN 12.

Niantic has not yet responded to the Milwaukee county. If they do, they would set a precedent. We assume that they will never respond.

This is not the first time property owners complain about Pokemon Go. Niantic is basically assuming they have the right to use anything in the real world and augment it with Pokemon Go.

The increased number of people flocking to public parks as a result of Pokemon Go has caused complaints from neighbors and a spike in parking, traffic, and litter violations.

Read the letter that Milwaukee officials sent to Niantic CEO, John Hanke.

Milwaukee Pokemon GO Lake Park letter from MKE County Parks

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