What is Same Page Nation?

#NoTribes.  Leave those at the door.  This is Same Page Nation and we believe that what unites is greater than what divides.

Over the last few years we have been increasingly led to believe that we are voiceless and powerless.  We have been told that our disagreements are so deeply rooted, so fundamentally at odds, that our only option is to hide behind our ideologies in an “us” versus “them” mentality.  Some of us have become fearful and others complacent.  Anger drives many to point fingers and draw lines in the sand which we are forbidden to cross.

We have been misled.

The truth is, there are many important issues and topics that appeal to a majority of Americans.  We hold the power in our hands to utilize our voices and the legislative process to make our communities better places to live and work.  It isn’t a matter of if we can do it, but rather a question of when we will realize we’ve had the power to do this all along.

Same Page Nation aims to create a new model for direct citizen engagement detached from the stigma of existing partisan and activist labels.  This model will focus on issues that appeal to a wide swath of Americans and provide an effective platform for people from all political affiliations to exercise their civic duties.

By educating our audience on unifying issues and then connecting them to opportunities for real hands-on-activism, we will build bridges between divides and unite those who truly want to work together for a better future.

Within these pages your ‘tribal identity’ is meaningless.

Once you have removed your own self-imposed labels you will see things more clearly. You will become a person who can think for yourself without interference from those who would use you to further the divides which drive our political culture.  When we take away the inflammatory language, finger pointing and name calling we are left with the facts.  Those facts are clear.  We all agree that crony capitalism is currently strangling our political system.  We all agree that civil and personal liberty is sacred, (freedom of speech is the bedrock of our freedoms), and, most importantly, we all agree that the government should be held accountable by the people it serves. When you drill those things down even further, it becomes clear that we truly are on the same page with each other more often than not. (We must stop being distracted and weakened.  Consider, for a moment, this is not Republicans versus Democrats. Rather, #EstablishmentElite versus #WeThePeople).

What are you passionate about?

If you could effect real change in your local community which issues would you focus on?  The mission of Same Page Nation is to connect you to other citizens, who, like yourself, are ready to take charge of their communities and change our nation for the better.  With a wealth of resources and organizations to help get you started, all you have to do is raise your hand and tell us you’re ready to get to work.

If you’re ready to stand up and make a difference, than you’re already on the same page as us.  Leave your knee-jerk tribal bias at the door and let’s do this.  There’s no time to waste.