Ben Shapiro to Mizzou Protesters: ‘Toughen Up’ (Video)

He starts by addressing this notion of "white privilege," calling it racism of the highest order...

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If there is a story that’s managed to unite people across the political spectrum, it may well be the protests at the University of Missouri.  Recently, Ben Shapiro, author of “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, visited the campus and took a shot at the children trying to run the place.

From Progressive Today:

With only 4 days notice the event titled “Truth is a Microagression” was an overwhelming success signaling that despite the media narrative, the views of the campus protesters are not prevalent throughout the student body.

Posters and flyers advertising the event bore the tagline “Check your liberal privilege” and the words “Toughen up you spoiled children” were scrawled on the sidewalk outside the venue by the MU College Republicans.

The auditorium overflowed with students as Shapiro blasted the school’s racebaiters. The crowd was so large that nearly 100 people watched the livestream from another auditorium and over 7000 people watched online from around the country.

A brief video of Shapiro’s comments:

However, many would be allies are stepping away from the protests at Mizzou over their treatment of the press and just shake their heads at the ridiculousness of the Mizzou sympathizers at Smith College who would only permit reporters who would agree in print with their movement.

To be sure, any movement on a campus is unlikely to attract every single student or even a majority of students.  Protests rarely garner a majority of anything.  In fact, it could be argued that the majority rarely needs to actually protest anything.

Also, Shapiro states in the video that the perception based on the media reports is that the University of Missouri is a hotbed of racism and racially charged acts such as the infamous cotton incident:

MU police were called to the black culture center Friday morning after students and staff awoke to find cotton balls strewn across the lawn. The racist act, an overt reminder of slavery, came on one of the last days of Black History Month.

Police said they received an anonymous tip that led to the arrest but did not provide additional details. Capt. Brian Weimer would not confirm whether nearby video surveillance images were used in the arrest, saying he did not want to jeopardize the case.

Nathan Stephens, director of the black culture center, said he was pleased to hear about the arrests.

This case has been cited as one of the overtly racist acts on campus.

Ahem. It’s also from 2010.

Other allegations are often sketchy.  The student body president, Peyton Head, claims that white students yelled racial slurs at him. This is the same Peyton Head who also said it was confirmed that the KKK was on campus…despite there being no confirmation of any such thing. He also said he was working with law enforcement, which if true would have meant he knew there was no such threat.  In other words, he lied.  Can we trust his word on something with so little evidence?

While we do know that the now infamous poop swastika happened, we still don’t know who actually did it.  While some are ready to jump on the idea that it was white students trying to send a racist message, there’s good reason to want to wait and see.  After all, recently a black student in Michigan posed as a white student and threatened a mass shooting.  After a series of black churches burned in St. Louis, acts believed to be racially motivated, it turned out the arsonist was a black man.  At Vanderbilt University, black students decried the hate crime of someone leaving a bag of dog poop outside the black cultural student.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a blind girl whose service dog who pooped, so she cleaned it up and rather than take the fecal matter inside, she left it outside because she didn’t know where a garbage can was.  Whoops.

Now, this doesn’t mean the poop swastika–and you have no idea who ridiculous it feels typing “poop swastika”–isn’t racially motivated.  We simply know it happened and nothing else.  Since we have other incidents of so-called racism turning out to be either misunderstandings or perpetrated by black people, we’re merely saying it’s prudent to wait and see.

Unfortunately, the media isn’t really down with that.  They’d rather jump all into it.  Frankly, we think the students needs to “toughen up” a bit.  The real world is far, far worse than college and is far less likely to give a flying flip about their feelings.

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Here’s Ben’s full presentation, courtesy of Young Americans Foundation; very worthwhile:

Photo Credit: Ben Shapiro/facebook
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  2. Donald Campbell Reply

    How much did they have to pay the guy in the top picture to dress up in a diaper and sit in a crib for that picture? (I discount hugging the Teddy… that is a perfectly acceptable behavior.)
    Much like they destroyed primary education, the Progressives have destroyed Universities as well. Problem with Universities is the ‘pupils’ are old enough, and grouped enough to actually make an impression when they act out in their nanny state role.

  3. DEEKAYBEE Reply

    So what? If cotton balls were strewn across the lawn and racist slurs were hurled. Respond with slurs of your own. Sticks and stones etc.
    So what if KKK is on campus. If they are not breaking the law let them make a fool of themselves.
    As a brownie in this great nation, for more than a generation, I have had the “pleasure” of getting racist slurs from both sides of the color spectrum. But an even greater number of people of the same color spectrum have made me feel welcome.
    My conclusion, no sub group of humanity has cornered the market on a££holes