Senate Dems Push For Publicly Funded Lawyers To Defend Illegals Facing Deportation

The legal process is infinitely more involved than dropping them off on the other side of the border.

It’s sure not as easy as Mr. Trump makes it sound. It’s a legal proceeding that involves judges, etc.  Now, a Senate bill has been introduced to provide taxpayer-funded attorneys for illegal immigrants that find themselves standing before the court on deportation charges.

From Newsmax:

Led by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats have introduced legislation to provide lawyers paid for by the government to illegal immigrant children and mothers to help them navigate the complex legal system since crossing the U.S. border from Central America in recent years.
Harry Reid
“Deportation means death for some of these people,” the Nevada senator told The Washington Times after the bill was introduced on Thursday. “Given the life-and-death consequences of deportation to this region, we must ensure that we are not putting asylum-seeking women and children in harm’s way.


“We can do this by making sure that these desperate women and children have a lawyer.”


Democrats included the lawyers with other protections proposed for illegals, among them allowing aliens to delay deportation proceedings until they gain access to their full government file, the Times reports.

Ever notice when a politician starts talking about compassionately spending money, it’s never their own?

Let’s be honest here.  How many of these people are really asylum-seekers?  Remarkably few.  And those who are legitimately seeking asylum will understand the process is also there for their protection. Yes, they may need attorneys, but why isn’t Reid proposing a non-profit that would help the legitimate asylum seekers to stay in the United States?

You see, that’s where a lot of this stuff should fall.  There are more than enough people who want to see those who face death if they return to their home nations remain — including some of us here at SamePageNation — that would gladly kick in some money to help those folks.  What we’re not interested in are those who jumped the border just because jobs are better here.  They need to fix their own nations, for crying out loud.

Again, elected officials picking our pocket so they can hand the money to someone else they think should have it, or who suits their needs politically.

It’s never their own wallet, is it?

Photo Credit: Wavebrook Media/123rf
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