California Legislature Passes Regulations On Cow Farts

California has officially become a parody of itself

While many may disagree regarding the role of government–whether it’s merely to protect individual rights or it’s to make people’s lives better–one thing everyone should agree on, and that’s how stupid laws shouldn’t even be considered.

However, in California, the most asinine regulations imaginable were not only considered, they passed.  The regulations?  Apparently, they wanted to regulate cow manure, which might make some sense, but also cow flatulence.  You know…farts.

From KCBS:

California’s Legislature has approved regulations on cow flatulence and manure – both blamed for releasing greenhouse gases.

The measure was approved shortly before the end of the legislative session Wednesday after its author, Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, agreed to give dairy farms more time to comply.

The legislation seeks to reduce methane emissions associated with manure to 40 percent below their 2013 levels by 2030. Methane is one of several gases known as short-lived climate pollutants that don’t persist for long in the atmosphere but have a huge influence on the climate.

First, does methane really make that much of an impact on our climate?  Since none of the climate models has panned out the way they were supposed to, one would be justified it being skeptical.

Second, doesn’t California have bigger concerns?  After all, they’re dealing with a water crisis, an unsustainable fiscal situation, high-speed rail boondoggles, and many other things.  Yet none of that is what they decided to focus on.  Nope.  Cow farts.

That’s not to say cow farts aren’t a problem.  A couple of years ago, a German barn exploded due to a methane buildup.  We fully expect California to institute a waiting period for cows to pass gas, as well as strict regulation on the storage of said gas.


Seriously, though, this is ridiculous.

Read the bill yourself:

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  1. Robert Lee Reply

    thanks for the education, Tom. I know what I think, but no one cares. So we limit greenhouse gases from various/outlying companies…just to make room for more immigration/immigrants-who will (ULTIMATELY) add to ever-increasing waste loads no matter what they do…using more water, taking up ever-more outlying areas for living spaces/resources for building up/settling said spaces. It just doesn’t make sense. Do our greedy legislators really think that destroying our comfortable lifestyles by packing 3X more folks in to this state (to add tax revenues for their own pockets) is somehow a great idea? I know for a fact that none of these greedy pigs gives a damn about the environment. It is always about their own, personal agendas. As every good writer knows…JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY-for answers to nearly all questions! p.s. so your a dad, former Navy man, survived the crazy world of blogging to internet zombies…how do you see this all going down? From my perspective, having visited Germany and gotten their figures, because I know the average American thinks space is endless. Germany is a land mass about the size of Oregon. And they have over 64 million folks living therein. One scientist said that most of their water supply is simply recycled toilet water. Even with all of their rainfall, their system capture it as fast as it hits the ground and immediately mixes it with recycle water. The average citizens pump carbon dioxide into their water to make it palatable! So how close are we…or will it be ocean water/desalinized, esp. considering the regular breakage of sewer lines directly into our coastal water ways…

    1. Profile photo of Tom Knighton

      Tom Knighton Reply

      Honestly, I can’t even speculate at this point how it’s going to go down. Almost every prediction I’ve made over the last couple of years has either been depressingly accurate or so far off that it’s laughable. At this point, I’m afraid either way. 😉

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