Can Republicans and Democrats Get Along?

... or must it always be like cats and dogs?

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ABC’s The View may not be the first place you think of when it comes to politics, but the morning talk show has long had a formula designed to stimulate discussion. With people like Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg, who many people would describe as “bombastic personalities”, the show also needs an opposing voice to provide some level of balance.

For a time, Nichole Wallace filled that role. A former communications honcho under President George W. Bush, Wallace had the credentials.

Wallace was fired from her role, but in an interview with Variety, she dished a little bit about her co-stars on the show.

The casting for season 18 was last minute. Had you met with the other panelists before you started?
We did one rehearsal show. Presidents practice more than that to throw out a pitch at a minor-league all-star game. The first day, my hair was brown because someone told me it should be brown. By Wednesday, it was back to blonde again, and I was feeling better. I said: “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll wear anything you want. But I’m dying my hair back to blonde.”

You really seemed to get along with Whoopi and Rosie Perez.
Whoopi and I never separated. We’d show up, go to the meeting, stay in hair and makeup. Rosie Perez and I became equally close. The special-ness of knowing those two women and becoming their friends, there was never a day where it wore off. Their friendship got me through the final five weeks, which were not how I expected it to end.

Wallace is a die hard Republican, while Goldberg makes no bones about her left-leaning politics.  However, Wallace describes her relationship with her two co-stars like they were the best of friends.  There’s a lesson in there.

Not every description of co-workers was like that either.  For example, Wallace talking about Rosie O’Donnell:

Did you get along?
To my knowledge. She was really intense, and that intensity could be really uncomfortable. What transpired between us transpired on air. We had a combustible debate about torture. She had really combustible conversations about race. And listen, maybe this is where I failed in the eyes of the executives who hired me. Maybe this combustion is what they were seeking.

So, while Wallace says she believes they got along, there’s no description of being BFFs.  Why?  Honestly, there are a million possible reasons, and none of them may have anything to do with politics.

Maybe Wallace is showing us that we can disagree on every political position possible, and still get along if we want to.

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  1. john Reply

    Opposing voices to provide Balance? Yes, we need DIFFERING (not opposing) voices that provide other solutions.

    We do NOT need people who are WRONG. Believing that 5 is larger than 15 is not an opposing opinion, it’s wrong. And all too often the positions of the conservatives aren’t differing opinions, they are factually, statistically, fundamentally, wrong. And the public doesn’t need shows that put up wrong or MIS-information for the purpose of Balance. Those do nobody any good.

    So find some people who differ. But stop trying to pass off “WRONG” as “Balance”. It’s not.

    1. Kimadmin Reply

      Good feedback. There is a difference between “opposing” and “differing.” We opt to speak in the voice of the latter. Noted.