You are not powerless, you can effect change.

But not by sitting on the couch hoping some politician will do it for you.
Put a different way: YOU have to make change.
But how? By writing your congressman?
Give me a break.
Knocking doors for a candidate you believe in? Okay, that’s a great thing to do.
But take Congress. Puh-lease. Even if you find a solid congressional candidate, and your candidate wins, and even if she or he stays true to principles, you’ll have helped change 1/435th of that lawmaking body.

Our Mission

To rally Americans to restore greater citizen control of government by assisting citizens in taking the initiative or referendum or recall process to increase our liberty especially by placing measures on state and local ballots.

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  1. Cary Grant Reply

    Here is a little lesson on politics.

    To begin with, I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I do, however, support our form of government, which is a Republic. We use the democratic process, but we are not a democracy.

    What is the difference between a Republic and a Democracy, you ask?

    A republic is a form of governance based on “law”. The law should be stable. The law should be vetted through several levels before being enacted. That’s why we have “checks and balances”, so that any “law” has to pass through an obstacle course of the people and the levels of leadership.

    A democracy is by definition the “will of the majority”. Whatever the people want, they get, right?

    The problem is that without the “checks and balances” slowing the process of “lawmaking”, the will of the people, get subverted by the will of Politians. Throughout history, democracies have fallen when the Politics became more important than the betterment of the citizens.

    Case in point: Todays controversy is the unisex bathroom movement being encouraged by our Administration.

    Our Administration, campaigns on turning our country into a perfect “Democracy”. Everyone equal in all ways, both opportunity and results. Now, a democracy is the will of the majority, right? Why then does a 3% minority, or better yet a 0.03% minority of “transgender”, prevail over the majority. It appears that in the eyes of our “democratic” Administrative Branch, the will of a few Politian’s shall rule the country.

    Slightly hypocritical? Yes, but this has happened in every instance where this “experiment” has been attempted. Democracy eventually turns to socialism which eventually turns to communism, until the cycle starts all over again.

    In this country, wise men, knew this and broke the cycle for the first time in history. With a very slim majority vote, the founding fathers enacted a Republic over a Democracy. The advocates of a pure democracy have never stopped fighting for their cause, because they know that there lies true power over the masses.

    When you fear that your little girl will soon be showering or peeing in front of a grown male, complete stranger, thank the democracy that we have allowed to overthrow the republic.