Chelsea Clinton Next In Dynasty?

"...there’s an air of inevitability surrounding Chelsea Clinton’s eventual political coming out."

Between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton during this most recent election cycle, there’s a lot of reason for people to think about “dynasties” as they relate to American politics.  However, another dynastic name is being bandied about these days, and that is another Clinton.  Chelsea Clinton appears to already have her way paved into politics.

From Personal Liberty last summer:

Whether her mother ever becomes president, it’s fair to say that Chelsea Clinton’s exposure to politics is still in its infancy. The mainstream infotainment media is making sure of that.

Vanity Fair blew it out for Chelsea Clinton for its September issue, profiling the former first daughter in a lengthy fluff piece that invites readers to think of America’s political class as a monarchical, hereditary dynasty.

Chelsea is now 35 — yes, old enough to run for president — and the VF piece didn’t mince words in thrusting her into a political position:

Gone is the Chelsea who tried to blend in as just another Stanford-educated grind. She has fully embraced being a Clinton and is now deliberately, willfully, on the road to greatness. She recently admitted that running for office one day is “absolutely” a possibility. Like every aspiring political-office holder, she found time in the busiest possible moment in life (in her case the first year of motherhood) to write a book: It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going! And, most important, two and a half years ago she put her name alongside those of her parents at their foundation, which has raised some $2 billion since its inception and is now called the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Add to that her “daunting intelligence, her diligence, and her genuine dedication to the job,” and you’ve got the makings of a pitch line for a campaign of some kind.

Whether she ends up staging a presidential run or aspires to an elected office more modest and local — something that might have the trappings, in other words, of making a difference — there’s an air of inevitability surrounding Chelsea Clinton’s eventual political coming out. In part, that owes to her dynastic position.

Now that her mother is sitting there as her party’s nominee, the attention on Chelsea is likely to lean even more toward her running for something.  Of course, at this point it appears to be pure speculation, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility for her to decide to run for the House in the next year or so.  Particularly knowing how connected her family is to Democratic Party politics.

Unfortunately, too many Americans seem to be seeing dynasties as a net positive.  They don’t see how dangerous that can be.

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