Clinton Jokes About Email 'Situation'… Again

When pressed further if she wiped the server, Clinton shrugged and ...

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Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to be taking the federal inquiry into her email server very seriously. Following her punchline about Snapchat earlier this week, she seems to double down with her jokes about an issue a number of Americans are taking quite seriously.

From PJ Media’s Tattler:

The press conference took on a surreal tone when [Ed] Henry asked Clinton about FBI reports that said she wiped her server clean and the Democrat frontrunner played dumb.

“Did you wipe the server?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” Clinton answered. “That’s why we turned it over.”

When pressed again if she wiped the server, Clinton shrugged and joked, “Like with a cloth or something?”

She refused to answer the question.

“In order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server,” Clinton said. “They can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what’s there and what’s not there. That’s for the people investigating to try to figure out.”

That exchange was part of an interesting evening for Clinton following a town hall event in Las Vegas.  Lady Luck didn’t seem to be with the former Secretary of State as Henry, from Fox News, peppered her with questions regarding her emails.

Fox New’s Ed Henry asked Clinton if she plans on taking responsibility for her email scandal rather than making jokes about Snapchat and blaming Republicans.

“Isn’t leadership about taking responsibility?” he asked.

Clinton, sounding defensive, answered, “Look, I take responsibility. Look, I just told Jeff, in retrospect, this didn’t turn out to be convenient at all and I regret that this has become such a cause celebre. But this does not change the facts and no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn.”

Clinton went on to say that everything she did was “legally permitted” and that she turned over the 55,000 emails “out of an abundance of an attempt to be helpful.”

“I know there is a certain level of anxiety or interest in this,” Clinton said, “but the facts are the facts.”

Facts are, indeed facts.  For example, it’s a fact that a growing number of emails have been found on her server that contain classified materials, including some rated as Top Secret.

It seems that the safe money bet is on this not going away for Clinton any time soon.

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey

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