Bob Woodward on Clinton Inconsistencies: 'It Better Bother Us'

Best known for taking down President Nixon, perhaps he is the most trusted journalist alive.

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If there is a more trusted journalist alive than Bob Woodward, we’re not sure who that could be.  Best known for taking down President Nixon, Woodward is the idol for a large number of today’s reporters eager to make a name for themselves.

Unlike some of them, however, he sees reason to be concerned about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s inconsistencies between what she says in public and what she says in private.

From Breitbart:

Woodward said, “It better bother us. And this is the question we’re going to look at. And, you know, if she’s the nominee, she’s going to get a full field investigation by everyone. So will the Republicans. So we don’t get what we got with Nixon, which we didn’t know about, quite frankly. I mean, this was hidden. So I think there’s a big burden on journalists, on television and in the newspapers, bloggers. so when we get to election day next year, people can say, ‘you know what, I know or I had the chance to know everything possible about these people.’ And so, this hearing is one of the pieces of the puzzle.”

Woodward also said he didn’t think Clinton committed a crime, which may not be entirely accurate.

What he is accurate on, however, is that we should be concerned about Clinton saying one thing in private and another in public regarding the Benghai tragedy.  On one hand, she knew that this was a terrorist attack.  However, publicly, she stated that this was a result of a cheesy video on YouTube.  She held someone else out as a scapegoat when she knew better.

Woodward is correct that we should be concerned.  What would a President Hillary Clinton do, rather than a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and could we trust anything she said?
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