Detroit High School Students Honor Homeless Veterans

The idea came from the students themselves as part of their service to the community.

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The fact that there are homeless in this country is a disgrace.  The fact that so many of them are veterans is even worse.  When these veterans die, they are often forgotten with no one to remember them.  Students at a Detroit high school are doing what they can to bury these heroes with as much dignity as possible.

From ABC 7 New York:

When three homeless veterans were laid to rest last week, their funerals were given dignity and respect from an unlikely source: high school students.

Five seniors and a junior from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy in Detroit, Michigan served as the pallbearers for funerals of veterans who had not been claimed by loved ones.

“I was glad and truly honored to have experienced and served those veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country,” one of the students, Joshua Gonzalez, said in a reflection. “Being their pallbearer was just a little something that I could do to repay them for what they did for all of us.”

The idea for the program came from the students themselves during a discussion about how they could serve the community, the school said in a press release. Students traveled to Cleveland to learn about a similar program.

You know, amid negative stories about students, particularly in Detroit, it’s refreshing to hear about kids who stand up for people who they have no reason to stand up for.

Our veterans deserve to be buried with dignity and respect, and when a group of kids are the only ones who care enough to do this, then we should probably be ashamed.  We should all be ashamed.

It’s our hope that these kids inspire more of us to find what we can do for these men and women who served us, and now could use a little bit of service in return.

Photo Credit: University of Detroit Jesuit High School/facebook


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