EPA: Sunlight is Bad for Plants

Perhaps the EPA should consider taking some basic science classes

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The Environmental Protection Agency may want to rethink their name.  Maybe the Department of Environmental Resource Protection?  After the Gold King Mine spill, it wouldn’t be any more accurate, but the new acronym of DERP would at least let people know what to expect.

The latest from Twitchy:

Boy, what a difference a day makes, huh?

As Twitchy reported, yesterday, the EPA sounded the alarm about scary, scary sunlight:

Well today, after having some time to sleep on it, they’ve changed their minds:

Well, EPA? Which is it?

Perhaps the EPA should also consider taking some basic science classes.  We’re sure there are some first grade classes with some extra space that EPA officials, particularly anyone with access to the Twitter account, can make use of.

Seriously, this has to be one of the most brain dead statements to come out of a government since…well, probably since, “Let them eat cake!”

At least we don’t have a history of beheading idiocy in this country.

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  1. Philip Gheorghe Reply

    Losing sight of the obvious is what happens when you try to push an agenda through. Sunlight causes ozone both in the upper atmosphere (where we need it) and ground-level too, as do car emissions and other heat sources. Booooo Ozone! It’s evil! Anything that makes it is evil! Sunlight is evil! Whoops!

  2. Thomas W Reply

    Further evidence that Twitter is degrading the quality of discourse. A serious discussion cannot occur using one liners.