Hungarian Border Fence Is Working Wonders for Their Security

So why is there a question that it would work for the United States, setting aside whether we should?

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With a tsunami of refugees making their way through Europe, some nations are taking drastic steps to keep from being overwhelmed.  Hungary, for example, as built a gigantic fence around the country.  Such a fence has been proposed between the US and Mexico, but opponents argue that it would never work.

Well, it seems to be working in Hungary.

From Breitbart UK:

The new border fences, which closed off Hungary from Serbia in September and continued around the border, finally cutting the country off from unwanted incursions from Croatia earlier this month have been so successful the number of illegal migrants has dropped off the charts.

While last month up to 10,000 migrants a day illegally crossed into Hungary, now border controls have been fully implemented, that number has fallen to dozens per day. Dr. Gyorgy Bakondi, chief adviser for homeland security to prime minister Viktor Orban was on hand to give viewers of a popular Hungarian evening television chat show this week a low down of just how successful the fence had been last night.

Describing the sudden end of the migration crisis for Hungary as it rages in neighbouring nations who have decided to take no action to defend themselves Mr. Bakondi said illegal numbers were now well below those arriving in “peace time” — before the migrant criss began.

Graph from
Graph from

See all those blank spots?  It’s because the numbers are so low they’re not worth tracking.

Now, is this what would happen in the US?  Who knows.  What we do know is that those who claim a wall would never work don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

Does that mean we should build a fence?  Now that’s a better question and one worth discussing.

What do you think?

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  1. Ori Pomerantz Reply

    What is the backup? If Yusuf buys a bulldozer and tries to ride through the fence, what happens to him? On the US-Mexico border, what would happen if Jose did the same thing?

    A fence is like a law. Both are useless unless they’re backed up with a credible threat of violence.