Investigators: EPA Could Have Actually Prevented Gold Mine Spill

The finding disagrees with EPA's self-reporting that described the spill as "likely inevitable."

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The Animas River spill in Colorado wasn’t the EPA’s finest moment.  Now, federal investigators have found that the EPA could have prevented it.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

A government investigation has found the US Environmental Protection Agency is at fault for a massive wastewater spill in Colorado.

The wastewater spill from a Colorado gold mine polluted rivers in three states, turning the water mustard yellow. Investigators from the US Interior Department have concluded that the EPA could have avoided such a spill if they had checked the water levels in the Gold King Mine before digging. The EPA was attempting to manage the levels within the mine to prevent the exact spill they have now been blamed for causing.

The report from the Interior Department found that if the EPA had drilled down into the mine to test water levels, they could have prevented the disaster.  This report disagrees with an EPA report that described the spill as “likely inevitable.”

So, the internal EPA report said the agency didn’t do anything wrong, but outside investigators find otherwise?


Of course, we’ll still have to wait and see if anyone is actually held accountable for this.  Make no mistake, if it had been a private enterprise that made such a blunder, EPA officials would be calling for blood.  In truth, we’d probably be joining them.  However, this time it’s the EPA responsible, and we tend to think that nothing will come of it.

Remember, rules are for people like us.  But for our betters in government?  Yeah, they play by a different set of rules.  It’s not just the EPA where this happens either.  They’re just the latest example.

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