[VIDEO] Louisiana Cop Comforts Lost Child


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Police officers aren’t as trusted today as they used to be.  Sensational headlines claiming police abuse show up every week.  It doesn’t help that sometimes, they’re accurate.  However, statistically, very few officers are cut from that cloth.  One good example showed up in Louisiana recently.

From the Daily Mail:

The police officer has since been identified as David Taylor, a member of the force in Crowley, who said a young woman brought he child to him as he patrolled the International Rice Festival at the weekend, and that the boy was clearly distressed.

‘He was extremely upset … I put him on my shoulders to see if he would be able to see his parents,’ Taylor told ABC News.

It took Taylor about half an hour to find the boy’s mother, by which time the little one had calmed down and eventually fell asleep.

Video of the incident:

There’s something else worth looking at.  Take a look at Taylor’s skin.  Now look at the little boy’s.  Taylor treated this kid like his own son.  Parents can tell you that kids get heavy, yet Taylor took care of him until he could locate the boy’s parents.  Race didn’t matter.  At all.

Nor should it have.  The little boy was upset.  The officer helped a citizen in need.  Something as ridiculous as skin color had no bearing on the moment.

We’d like to thank Officer Taylor for giving us a great example of what police officers really do day in and day out.  It’s not car chases and shoot outs.  In fact, most officers never discharge their weapons in the line of duty.  Instead, it’s stuff like this.

Hat tip. Good job, officer.  Very good job.

Photo Credit: Police Officers/facebook
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