[VIDEO] Man Tries to Look Like Hulk, Nearly Loses His Arms

Small children are terrified of him.

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Romario Dos Santos Alves didn’t want much.  He just wanted to look like The Incredible Hulk.

He’s not alone on that.  A lot of people want to look like the Hulk, especially following The Avengers coming out on the big screen.  Alves would do anything to get that look, including doing some really stupid stuff like injecting something called Synthol into his muscles. Synthol is designed to be used externally.

From Muscle & Fitness:

Fast and simple injections for a monster-sized physique. How could anything possibly go wrong? Unfortunately for Romario and his 25″ guns, all is not perfect. Apparently, there’s a price to pay when you stuff your muscles like a goose being prepared for fois gras. Due to the toxins in the oil, the synthol injections led to several mental and physical health problems. Things got so bad, one doctor felt drastic steps were needed to save Romario’s life.

They told him they’d have to amputate his guns.

At the last minute, they found they could save Alves’ arms, but he still has his freakish appearance.  Some small children are reportedly terrified of him, saying he looks like a monster.

Watch this:

Now, who says guys don’t have body image issues too?

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