[VIDEO] MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Takes Issue With Term 'Hard Worker'

And, what is up with her cotton fields comment?

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Melissa Harris-Perry has a tendency to say things that get people riled up.  Her latest comment is no different.  It seems that she takes issues with some people using the phrase “hard working.”



First, it looks like Harris-Perry has never actually spoken to anyone who disagrees with her for anything other than the handful of moments it take to talk to them on the air.  If she had, she might know that many who generally oppose welfare don’t actually bad mouth the mothers who are working hard but can’t quite make ends meet.

What gets trashed are mothers who have more kids in order to get increased welfare benefits.  That’s a whole other matter.

Secondly, what is up with the cotton fields comment?  Yes, that’s hard work.  It’s not the only way people have ever worked hard.  I’m sure Harris-Perry would argue that she worked hard to get where she is, but I doubt there was much time in the hot Georgia sun picking through cotton plants.

Some argue that the comment was a claim that the term “hard working” is in fact racist.  Since she didn’t explicitly say that, we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.  Rather than race-baiting in a nation that’s already tense enough do to racial disharmony, we’re just going to say that she probably doesn’t understand anything that’s coming out of her mouth.

Millions of hard working Americans, none of whom work in cotton fields, would likely agree.

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