SHOCKER: Terrorist Found Hiding Among 'Refugees'

Looks like some of the panic might be well founded

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There’s been a lot of concern about all of the so-called refugees flowing out of Syria.  After all, are their potential terrorists in the mix?  The demographics look suspicious, but some argue that there’s no reason to panic.  These are just people running from an oppressive regime, right?

Well, looks like some of that panic might be well founded.

From The Independant:

Fears that Islamic terror groups might be entering Europe on migrant boats appear to have been confirmed after police in Sicily identified a convicted terrorist among asylum seekers arriving from Libya.

The Tunisian, Ben Nasr Mehdi, was first arrested in Italy in November 2007 and sentenced to seven years for planning terror attacks for a group that has since been linked to Isis. After his release from the high-security Benevento prison in southern Italy, he was expelled from the country.

But it has emerged that he has attempted to enter Italy again, following his arrest last month by Italian authorities after arriving at the island of Lampedusa, off Sicily. He was among 200 migrants rescued at sea by a navy vessel on 4 October.

Despite giving a false name and claiming that he was seeking asylum in northern Europe to escape political persecution, finger prints revealed his true identity. He was held along with three other men, thought to be the human traffickers who had organised the trip, and interrogated by police in the Sicilian city of Agrigento.

Now, of course one case does not an epidemic make.  However, it is a real instance of something those opposed to accepting these refugees has argued may happen.  Now it has happened, and it may happen again.

Meanwhile, the United States is poised to take hundreds of thousands of these refugees.  Further, the FBI has already said it can’t check all of them out.  The potential is there, and terrorists are known for seizing the moments like this.

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  1. scooter Reply

    Are muslim men so cowardly that they flee from an “oppressive regime” and leave their women and children behind? They should be denied entry to any non muslim country, they are too worthless to contribute anything.

  2. Gregory Townes Reply

    Always said this is nothing more then a sneak attack,Just shows you the one with all the sense runing this country is dumb as rock.