Study Shows Whites Sleep Better Than Blacks, Because Racism


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At the rate things are going, it looks like everything will eventually be called racist.  The latest?  Well, apparently white people tend to sleep better than black people.

Why?  Racism, or something.

From the Daily Caller:

The article, which manages to reach nearly 6,000 words, cites several studies, including one conducted at the University of California, San Diego. For the five-year study, researchers hooked 164 human subjects up to a polysomnography machine (which features a brain scanner, eye trackers, breathing sensors and much else). They found that black participants and white participants experienced sleep differently. In a nutshell, the white study subjects achieved slow-wave sleep — which is the really good kind — about 20 percent of the time. Black subjects only reached this quality level 15 percent of the time.


University of Maryland, Baltimore psychologist Danielle L. Beatty Moody suggested that the sleep problems black people experience at night can be attributed to all the racism they encounter during the day.

“It’s uncomfortable for them to sleep because they are thinking back over mistreatment, thinking back over mal­treat­ment, think­ing back over bias they experienced,” Beatty Moody told National Journal. “In thinking about those experiences, they are getting more aroused, more cognitive arousal, which does the opposite of what you need it to do to go to sleep.”

Other experts point out that living in a bad neighborhood, which a disproportionate number of black families do, creates stress which can interfere with sleep.

Folks, Moody’s comments in the National Journal are opinion.  There are no studies cited to back that up.


All we do know is that, for whatever reason, black people in this study are less likely to hit that sweet spot in their sleep cycle than white people in this study.

We do not know what, and that may well be an interesting area for future study.  However, we don’t need those studies.  After all, we have people like Moody ready to tell society that it’s their fault.


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