EXCLUSIVE: Trump Security Advisor on Why Americans Need His Immigration Plan

"There has to be a better balance. We have to put America first."

Our reporters on the ground caught up with retired Navy Commander and former Pentagon Spokesperson J.D. Gordon at the RNC. Gordon currently serves with the Trump campaign as the National Security Advisor to the Washington D.C. office of the Trump campaign.

Gordon took a few minutes to explain why so many Americans seem to be responding to Trump’s immigration plans, and why the country so desperately needs a shift in immigration policy.

He tells it like it is. He speaks with common sense…Its a military issue, economic issue, diplomatic issue, its all of those things…However one way we can help prevent future San Bernardinos and Orlandos is by fixing immigration. It has to be a better balance. We have to put America first…and Mr.Trump is the only major candidate to speak honestly like that.

See his full comments below.

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