EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: It Wasn’t Supposed to Be This Hard for ‘The Better Bush’

Hysterical behind-the-scenes look at Jeb's campaign ... with a surprise special guest!

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It wasn’t supposed to be this hard for Jeb Bush.

It was his turn. He’d paid his dues, done his time as governor, and most importantly, he had the right last name.

But now, his poll numbers remain in the low single digits, his campaign can’t seem to find a way forward and despite his donors still saying they back him, there are rumors ol’ Jebby is about to pull the plug on the campaign.

Plus, the overwhelming Republican front-runner, a billionaire real estate mogul turned reality television star is out on the campaign trail saying Jeb is running to “mommy and daddy” to save him.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Back in the day, all that mattered was your last name. Now when did that change?

Jeb’s realizing that today, it takes more than a name to win the nod from American voters. After all, this nation was founded on rejecting royalty and ducking dynasties.

Nothing’s changed about that. As you’ll see in this exclusive SamePageNation video, that goes for both sides of the debate.

The struggle is real Jebbie. The struggle, is, real.

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