House Moves to Expand ‘Hate Crimes’ Definition to Include Police

The “Blue Lives Matter Act of 2016"

Groups like #BlackLivesMatter have called for the murder of police officers.  Their problem is not just with the random bad cops, they’re after all cops.  The men and women who are charged with keeping our streets safe are being targeted because of their job.  People who buy into this hateful rhetoric don’t care anything about differentiating between one police officer or another.  No, they just want anyone in a police uniform dead.

In response,  a new House bill makes it a federal hate crime to target a police officer simply because of their occupation.

From Breitbart:

A Republican representative from Colorado has introduced a bill in Congress that would make it a hate crime to target a cop just because he or she is a police officer.

The bill which has been named the “Blue Lives Matter Act of 2016,” was filed by Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), reported The Greeley Tribune.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo (Photo: Bill Clark)
Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo (Photo: Bill Clark)

The measure would enlarge federal hate crime laws to include law enforcement officers who are victims of violence and are targeted simply because they are peace officers.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 25 years before I started in this job,” Buck told The Greeley Tribune. “I’ve seen over and over both police officers on the street and federal agents, jail deputies and bureau of prison officials being threatened by very dangerous people. I have a passion for trying to protect those who protect us. That’s what this bill is about.”

Buck told the publication that if the bill is passed, it would give federal prosecutors more ammunition against those who target a police officer just for what they do for a living. He used the December 2014 ambush and execution of two New York police officers as an example.

Now, we’re not fans of hate crime legislation as a general rule.  The idea of prosecuting someone because of what they thought when they committed a crime doesn’t sit well with us.  However, these laws are on the books now, and our opinion of those laws matter little at this point.

Expanding those laws to cover police officers actually does make sense.  These attacks and this shootthecopsrhetoric is hateful.  Hate is motivating this movement, and if police officers are being targeted then it makes sense to include them in such legislation.

The question is whether Congress has the guts to actually pass it, and bravely bear the brunt of whatever #BlackLivesMatter decides to dole out.

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