FBI Expert on CNN: San Bernardino NOT the Result of ‘Climate Change’

It's never a good thing when a president is being mocked... though we can't help ourselves.

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President Obama has tried to argue climate change is responsible for terrorism.  So has Sen. Bernie Sanders.

We’re not sure how he figures that is, but whatever.  However, it’s lead to mockery for the comment from many opponents.  One of the more amusing examples comes from a FBI expert on CNN.

Yep, it’s pretty definite that San Bernardino had almost nothing to do with climate change.

From BPR:

CNN guest got some laughs when he highlighted President Obama’s absurd assertion that climate change is somehow related to terror.

The guest was talking about working as an FBI agent, when he said no matter how many guns you take away from law abiding citizens, “the bad people will always be able to get them.”

But he didn’t end there.

As video footage played of police closing on the San Bernardino Muslim couple who committed at least 14 murders and injured 17 others in San Bernardino Wednesday, the CNN guest professed the obvious.

“I think one thing that’s clear though, is that… none of these things occurring have anything to do with climate change.”

It’s never a good thing when a president is being mocked.  It’s not because our leaders should be above mockery, but because it would be awesome if our presidents didn’t do things worthy of derision.  Blaming terrorism–an act one engages in based on an ideology that has nothing to do with the climate by conscious choice–on climate change is beyond ridiculous.

Honestly, it’s enough to almost make us pity the terrorists:

TERRORIST: We will bring death to America because of their support of Israel and their troops being far too close to Mecca, our holiest city!

PRESIDENT OBAMA: No, it’s not.  It’s because of climate change.

TERRORIST: Are you insane?  We care nothing for the Infidel’s claims of climate change being caused by anything but Allah’s will.

OBAMA:  Nope.  It’s climate change.  Oh, and income inequality.  If you all had better paying jobs, you wouldn’t be blowing stuff up.

TERRORIST:  Are you high?  Osama bin Laden, who landed the most devastating blow against the Great Satan, came from a wealthy family.  It is not about jobs, but your evil ways!

OBAMA:  Nope.  #ClimateChangeMatters.

TERRORIST:  How many people do I have to kill for you to listen to me?

OBAMA: You say that now, but once we cut carbon emissions?  You’ll be much better off.

TERRORIST: UGH!  You never listen to me!  I’m going to my room!  Uh…I mean, I’m going to my cave or something.

Seriously, here’s a good rule to go with: If someone is telling you why they want to kill you, believe them.  Pretending that it’s something like climate change, which comes with its own controversies and debate worth having, just makes it harder to take anything you say seriously.

Especially by the experts.

Photo Credit: Screengrab CNN/YouTube
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