Prof’s New Protest – “Racial Politics” Targeting White People – Says She’s a Victim

Ah, Melissa Click, don’t ever change.  You see, if you do, we won’t have all the lulz we currently enjoy because you don’t understand you’re at the bottom…...

Ah, Melissa Click, don’t ever change.  You see, if you do, we won’t have all the lulz we currently enjoy because you don’t understand you’re at the bottom…

Click rose to internet infamy during the protests at the University of Missouri for calling on “muscle” to remove a reporter from an alleged “safe space” during the protests on that campus.  She was charged with assault, and fired from her position.  She managed to dodge prosecution by promising to perform community service.

Community service, hmm, does entertaining the world with her foolish explanations count?

From the Washington Examiner:

Click has not been able to go quietly into the unemployment line. First she claimed that she acted the way she did because she thought the student journalist with a camera might have had a gun. So her response to this was to try to get other students (the “muscle”) into harm’s way. Okay.

But Click is back with a new claim. She now says she was fired due to “racial politics.”

“I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target”

The Chronicle paraphrased her as saying she was fired to send a message that the university and state of Missouri wouldn’t tolerate black people standing up to white people. I don’t see how that would result in a white person getting fired, but then nothing this woman — a former assistant professor of communications — has said in this episode makes much sense.

Huh?  If you’re saying what we think you’re saying, most of us who watched that video know better.  Except we don’t know what you’re saying.

melissa colorThe Chronicle’s paraphrase of Click is even more baffling, since she is as white as they come, and she was the one fired.  None of the black students who took part in the protests have been disciplined, and remarkably few people in general faced any action regarding the civil unrest on campus.

Simply put, Click got canned, and now she’s trying really, really hard to, ahem, whitewash herself as not the poster child of all that is wrong with Academia.

Unfortunately for her, most people had already forgotten her name…until her need to “set the record straight” or whatever she’s doing, compelled her to keep pushing it into public discourse.  You’d think a former communications professor would understand the Streisand Effect.  Apparently not.

She’s a jackboot academic who ignored the First Amendment.  Plain and simple.

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  1. Roger Byrd Reply

    The first step toward wellness is to admit that you are ill and seek help. We should all hope that without the weight of the responsibilities of a college professor, and without the light of the media illuminating her digressions she seeks the help she so obviously needs

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