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Hello #SamePageNation! I’ve been honored by an invitation to write a regular column on pretty much whatever I feel like for this great new venture.  So here goes...

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Hello #SamePageNation!

I’ve been honored by an invitation to write a regular column on pretty much whatever I feel like for this great new venture.  So here goes with Gina’s Ramblings #1.  First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself so you’ll understand my position a little better, maybe “get where I’m coming from” a little more quickly.  I’m human,  an engineer, and a small business owner, my company is an engineering firm that provides services in many engineering disciplines.  I have a degree in Chemistry from University of California, San Diego, minor in Economics, but that seems so long ago, I’m not sure what it means anymore, other than I finished college and paid for most of it myself.  I’ve spent the last 35 years or so designing building products for commercial companies and the defense industry.  I’ve been married twice and have three kids, two natural and one by marriage, and four grandkids, none by blood, but they are all mine, love is much thicker than blood.  I’ve been a serious competitive shooter, I teach firearms use to anyone willing to learn.  I strongly believe that people need to be responsible for their own safety, that being said, I’m a sheepdog.  I willingly take responsibility for the safety of those around me, and if necessary hunt the wolf to protect the flock.  We’ll deal with that concept a little later in our relationship!

I believe strongly in America and the great social experiment that it represents, I believe the Founding Fathers were amazing, thoughtful people that pretty much nailed the concept from the beginning.  Is this country perfect?  Not by a long shot, but nowhere else can someone be so free to make a life for themselves, and have so many basic freedoms and protections.  I think America still has the promise of our founders.  I think many of the wrongs of the past have been mitigated, maybe not corrected, and some of which never will be in everybody’s mind, so we need to just acknowledge they existed and move past them.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to live in the wrongs of the past with people of a current age that had absolutely nothing to do with those wrongs.  These thoughts and actions tend to compartmentalize and polarize people in such negative non-productive ways, so I say “get on with your lives!”

SamePageNation is all about #NoTribes!  Let’s lose these non productive and stigma producing labels, let’s focus on what it means to be an American, with a wonderful hugely diverse population, that is capable of so much more. Let’s drive past the marginalization, the areas where we will never agree.  Be it “choice,” pro or con, abortion or not (different subjects), marriage contracts and gender involvement, race, religion, all those things we know we will never agree on, and let’s agree on the protection of the Constitution, the ability of people being able to lead their lives with the vigor and creative freedom promised by the “Pursuit of Happiness.”  We need to work for a world where governments operate only on what they are set up to do, with the consent of the governed.  It needs to leave the individual alone unless that person (hmmm like a government?) is imposing its will on another.  I can live with my choices and circumstances in life, can you live with yours?  And why should I care about yours if they don’t interfere or are imposing on mine?  Seems pretty simple.

So here is the list of my labels: Conservative, Atheist, Gun Owner, Log Cabin Republican, Tea Party Member, Lesbian, Trans Woman,  Married but separated from a woman (same sex marriage), Sheepdog, Engineer, Geek, and on and on.  These are all things which help describe who I am, but they are not necessary to define who I am.  I’ll walk away from all of them, just to hold the labels American and Sheepdog.  Can you do it too?  #NoTribes.

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