Presenting the 2016 Golden Globes’ Cavalcade of Hypocrites

SWAT officers, dogs and representatives of multiple police agencies, including the FBI.

You know how a lot of celebrities really hate guns in the hands of free Americans? For example, Liam Neeson came out swinging last year with a rant against lawful gun owners and the Second Amendment. Then last night, there was this… no surprise here. The rules that should apply to us don’t really work for them.


* Editor’s Note: In fairness to Rob Lowe, he’s pretty much a small government guy, so he gets a pass.

The hypocrisy on display is typical.

The people who want to own guns to protect their families usually can’t afford to have a private military company secure their homes.  The average gathering can’t have it either, Exhibit A – San Bernardino.  Yet they’re just as vulnerable to crime.  Why are Hollywood elites worthy of such protection while the rest of us should have to make do with the local police?  After all, if seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

Of course, the reason may well be that we simply don’t matter.

It’s typical for people to become very centered around themselves and their associates.  For a Hollywood star, a plumber in North Carolina just doesn’t matter.  It’s not a criticism, just how it shakes out. Their brains just don’t process it because it’s simply not a part of their reality.

We all do it to some extent.  However, it also doesn’t excuse the whole “rules for thee, but not for me” attitude on display there.

Photo Credit: Zuma Press

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  1. Karry Dayton Reply

    The great irony here is that this is the world such people really desire. They want their distinction validated, they want to feel important, special, unique (Except Rob Lowe?). This whole drama does not surprise me in the least – And it is High Drama – for in this Act they have set up the scene in which no one was hurt due to their present vigilance, making Act II possible. It is the expected outcome of taking away self responsibility for the masses and leaving it to the chosen few, after all, those chosen need better protection that we “flowers” (as the French Father told his child) of the world, because, there will always be more flowers.

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