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July 4th is a time we look back at the founding of our country and celebrate all the things America stands for, all the reasons we love this...

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July 4th is a time we look back at the founding of our country and celebrate all the things America stands for, all the reasons we love this great nation. We celebrate our founding fathers’ conviction and passion in the face of insurmountable odds. How much worse off would this country – this world – be if these events had played out even slightly different?

Now that we have enjoyed some time off and watched the fireworks with friends and family, it is time to move on from looking at our past to preparing for our future. After all, that is what our founding fathers did as they signed and began to distribute the Declaration of Independence. They, like us, had a long road ahead of them.

I am happy to be one of the first contributors to be published on SamePageNation.com, as I, too, am tired of our deeply polarizing political parties and media. This website comes at a time of great need. The saying goes that what unites is greater than what divides, but that can be difficult to believe when we are bombarded with polarizing vitriol from all sides every day.

Just as the colonists did in the Revolutionary War, those of us that want change in our politics and our culture as a whole must stand firm against overwhelming odds in hopes that our dreams can become a reality. Our current divisive system has been entrenched in many of us, but that does not mean there is no hope for real change. After all, America is governed by the people and for the people, something many other countries don’t have the luxury of. Because we have this ability to effect real change, it is terrible that so many of us prefer to sit on our couch and ignore these problems rather than wielding this power for the good of ourselves and those around us. To do nothing is to accept defeat.

This change won’t happen only through voting booths and legislature, it must be a culture change. We must find ways to come together as a people, rather than divide. In a film I recently starred in, The Secret Handshake, I played a father who was asked to help a struggling single mother in raising her troubled teenage boy. Instead of ignoring the problems in his neighborhood, my character decided to make an effort to effect change in his community. This is the kind of action that we need to in our communities; a grassroots effort that I believe can bring about a new era in American politics.

At the end of the day, we must remember that – as much as we feel powerless – we do have power if we learn how to wield it. As SamePageNation’s tagline reads, “we are not as impotent as the establishment elite have us convinced.” Once they convince us of that, we are pawns in their game; sitting ducks to be taken advantage of. We must be vigilant and not let it happen.

Never forget that our founding fathers instilled in this nation the will to fight for what is good, no matter the odds we face.

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  1. James A. Conrad Reply

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