EXCLUSIVE – Hot Steel: The Man Behind the Viral Video That Has ‘Truthers’ In Meltdown

"Your argument is invalid... Get over it... Get a job!"

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Trent Tye isn’t your ordinary guy in a lot of ways.  The fact that he makes his living beating the daylights out of metal, bending it into different shapes for different purposes alone accounts for that.  Tye is one of a dying breed: The American blacksmith.

And, he’s a unique blend of old and new.  A man who works in an ancient trade who now has a viral video to his credit.

As of this writing, the video boasts over 1.3 million views on YouTube, and that number is likely to just keep climbing. The funny thing is that it all started because of Facebook.

Speaking to SamePageNation, “I saw this thing on my timeline,” Tye said, “talking about how steel melts at 2,300 degrees and jet fuel only burns at 1,500.”  Tye said he tried to explain that melting steel wouldn’t be necessary to cause the steel to fail, but his words fell on deaf ears.

So, with that in mind, he turned to his partner and they shot the video.

The response has been…well, entertaining.

Some of the responses demanded Tye account for other aspects of the World Trade Center collapse.  “My point in all this is to show that steel folds well before it melts,” he told us.  As he points out in the video, he’s not addressing the idea of there having been some conspiracy to take down the World Trade Center.  “It’s just a bad argument,” he said. “I wasn’t recreating a specific thing, I was just pointing out one argument: that steel won’t melt.”  And yet, that’s not enough for many.  “I addressed a singular point, not the conspiracy,” Tye repeated.

Of course, this isn’t Tye’s first brush with fame.  Tye was featured as a competitor on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire‘s first season.   Not to mention that Tye comes from an area that has a higher than usual concentration of fairly famous folks.  A 1995 graduate of Lee County High School in Leesburg, Georgia, Tye shares an alma mater with stars like Luke Bryan and American Idol Phillip Phillips, plus baseball star Buster Posey.   The reality star turned YouTube sensation laughs off any comparison between himself and those guys.  “The biggest difference is that if I open my mouth, it’s clear that they’re the ones with talent,” he said.

While some are posting rather mean spirited stuff about him on the internet, Tye is maintaining an easygoing sense of humor.  “I broke the internet” he laughs, talking about how people seem to be going nuts over the video.  How nuts?  Well, not counting the people who support the 9/11 conspiracy theories trying to call and convert Tye to their viewpoint, there’s apparently been at least one offer to buy the video from Tye.  He’s decided to decline selling it.  Right now at least.

Despite the latest brush with fame, Tye is maintaining his humility too.  One story he shared with SamePageNation makes it understandable how he can keep grounded.

Shortly after the show aired on the History Channel, Tye was talking with a friend. “He was joking with me about being famous,” Tye said.  Tye was speaking a little loud about being on a reality series, he reports, when a head popped out from around the gas pump.

“Are you that reality star?” the guy asked.

Tye said, “I bowed up and said, ‘Yes, sir.  I am.'”

The man looked at Tye and exclaimed, “I knew it  I knew it was you as soon as I heard you.  I’m a huge fan of Naked and Afraid!”

“Any pride I had at that point crawled out of me and up under my truck,” Tye told us with a laugh.

So what does Tye think about this latest publicity?  “Well, I’ve got a viral video, and it’s not a sex tape, so I’ll take that as a win.”  We reckon that puts him ahead of a lot of other former reality show stars.

Photo Credit: Screengrab For The Undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT/YouTube
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  1. Liam Helmes Reply

    Too bad he is such a putz though! Seriously though, Trent is one of the finest, most humble men I am proud to call a friend. Watching him go viral has been a hoot.

    1. TomK Reply

      And the fact that you start off with calling hi a putz proves you know him for real. 😉

      It’s absolutely a hoot, and I’m happy to do what I can to boost that signal a bit. 🙂