EXCLUSIVE Interview: Paul Nehlen – the Man Taking on House Speaker Ryan

He's not mincing words.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (Wisconsin CD-1) has an opponent;  SamePageNation decided to find out a little more about him.

His name is Paul Nehlen and he’s not holding back.

We interviewed Nehlen and his passion undeniably came through. This is a man who has never been a politician but has supported Ryan in the past and has had enough already of the flips and flops of the speaker. So Nehlen is doing what many only dream about doing, he’s calling Ryan out and running against him.

“…. cronyism at it’s finest.”

That betrayal stems from anger and disappointment. It is fundamentally dishonest conduct. You don’t lightly call the speaker of the house corrupt. Clearly it’s cronyism at it’s finest. It’s a well-honed sort of cronyism. If you look at Paul Ryan’s campaign funding, 83% of his financing come outside of this district. 65% of it was poured into his campaign coffers by big law firms, big corporations and big insurance companies that come from D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia, in the form of donations.

Nehlen doesn’t mince words.

As someone who was once a very strong supporter of Ryan, he feels betrayed like many others in Wisconsin and across the country. From Nehlen’s campaign website:

This isn’t your normal campaign website. Conventional wisdom says that you should never mention your opponent’s name. But then, this isn’t a conventional campaign.

So, why would I buck all standard advice and include a page on my campaign website tonehlen dump truck1 talk so directly about Paul Ryan’s betrayal of us? For the same reason I’ve chosen to buck the establishment by running for this congressional seat in the first place. The status quo—convention—isn’t working for us in Washington, D.C. And it’s not going to work in this campaign.

My opponent needs to be called out—by name.

They are now releasing information on Paul Ryan that will show the ‘dirt’ on him.

The Nehlen campaign also released the following:

“Wisconsin’s 1st District has deep roots in manufacturing and industry, in design and engineering,” noted Paul Nehlen, Ryan’s primary challenger. “We’ve been a powerhouse in these respects. But Paul Ryan is now undermining us at every turn—on spending, on trade, on immigration, and more. He’s broken every single promise he’s made to us. A lot of us, me included, have had to ask ourselves why his votes no longer line up with our interests. We’ve had to ask ourselves who exactly Ryan is representing, because it’s clearly not us any longer.

Neh box

We will continue to follow Nehlen’s campaign. It’ll be interesting to watch how this unfolds given Ryan is the Speaker of the House. What we’ve seen so far proves Nehlen is not only passionate about what he believes in… he’s also dead serious.

** UPDATE** May 2, 2016
Wisconsin GOP blocks Paul Ryan’s primary opponent Paul Nehlen from state convention.  Nehlen posted the following on his campaign website:

[…]  “The Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) recently barred my campaign from having a table at its state convention in May, where Paul Ryan will be delivering a keynote address. My campaign committee, Volunteers for Nehlen, was perfectly willing to pay the $400 table fee RPW asked for convention weekend. Apparently, though, the idea of a challenger to Paul Ryan was so threatening to his RPW buddies that they turned us down flat.”

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  1. Chris Reply

    It is time for RINO/RYAN to go !!! What has he done for us??

  2. Chris Reply

    It is time for RINO/RYAN to go !!! What has he done for us??

  3. tbs Reply

    Think Ryan needs competition to make things right!

  4. AynRand Reply

    I wish I could move to his district so I could vote Ryan out.

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