Katie Couric Being Sued for Deceptive Editing

Gun rights advocacy group says Couric purposefully made it seem like they were stumped by her questions

Katie Couric is in hot water after some cold editing in her anti-gun documentary, the cleverly titled “Under the Gun”.

In the original footage Couric grilled members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League over gun laws and background checks. Her guests (of course) were prepared for her questions and answered quickly and succinctly. The final cut, however edited in moments where they were listening to Couric to make is seem as if they were silently bewildered and stumped by her question.

Now the VCDL has filed a $12 million dollar lawsuit.

From the Free Beacon:

The Virginia Citizens Defense League filed the suit in federal court against Couric, as well as the documentary’s director Stephanie Soechtig, Atlas Films, and the cable channel Epix.

“We were horrified to see how Couric and her team manipulated us and the video footage to make us look like fools who didn’t stand up for the Second Amendment,” said Philip Van Cleave, the group’s president. “We want to set the record straight and hold them accountable for what they’ve done. You shouldn’t intentionally misrepresent someone’s views just because you disagree with them.”…

The Free Beacon later reported on accusations that Couric’s previous documentary, Fed Up, also had deceptively edited interviews. The Weinstein Company attempted to take down video clips at the center of the story shortly after they were posted to YouTube. The videos were temporarily pulled from YouTube, but were eventually reinstated.

Van Cleave said he was upset that the gun documentary was still available with the misleading edit included.

“Katie Couric has publicly admitted that ‘Under the Gun’ was misleading and misrepresented VCDL, but has done nothing to fix it or stop promoting and distributing it,” Van Cleave said.

Libby Locke, the group’s lawyer, called Couric and Soechtig “manipulators” and accused them of misleading members about how they’d be portrayed in the film.

Editing for time is one thing. Editing for drama in what is supposed to be a journalistic documentary is something else. Its Katie Couric, not the Real World.

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