Kean University Twitter Threats Actually From Black Former Student

When facts and the truth become irrelevant to some folks.

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Kean University recently played host to a protest.  Apparently, during the course of that protest, word spread that someone had threatened to shoot black students at the college.  Needless to say, this created an uproar, especially since the protest was along racial lines.

When the University president announced who was allegedly responsible for the threats, gasps were reported from the crowd.

From TheBlaze:

“We are saddened to learn that the person allegedly responsible was an active participant in the rally that took place on campus on Tuesday, Nov. 17 and is a former student of Kean,” [University president Dawood] Farahi said to gasps.

Police say 24-year-old Kayla-Simone McKelvey, who is black, left the Nov. 17 demonstration on Kean University’s campus and created an anonymous Twitter account to post a threat against black students.

“I will shoot any black person I see at Kean University,” she allegedly wrote in one tweet.

In another she allegedly stated, “the cops won’t save you….you’re black.”

A short time later, McKelvey returned to the rally and began to circulate details about the fake threat, according to police.

McKelvey is the former president of the Pan-African Student Union.

However, the “money” quote comes from the head of the African Studies Department, James Conyers, who said it “does not matter that it was a black person who did this — this was all in the context of racism.”

Sorry, but it does.

First, there’s the fact that the more threats like this turn out to be false flags, the less seriously people will take such threats.  Folks, there are really people out there who want to do things like this.  They really do want to walk onto a campus and start shooting black folks.  How long until one of those nutjobs figures out that they have a certain amount of cover because of these threats that turn out to be nothing more than political agitation by the alleged victims of the threat?  More and more people are hearing about these threats and starting to shrug and just assume it’s not a real threat.  Please tell us how that’s good for anyone?

Second, let’s talk about the “context of racism” a bit.  Conyers argues that it doesn’t matter who actually made the threat, because of the “context of racism.”  We’re scratching our heads, trying to figure out how facts and the truth become irrelevant, especially in a discussion about racism where these “threats” were used as evidence.

Now, does this change the fact that racism still exists in this country?  Of course not.  However, Conyers is deluding himself if he believes that this won’t be turned against folks like him trying to fight racism.  So far, we’ve got multiple blacks pretending to be white and threatening mass shootings.  On the flip side, we’ve got some college kids who littered. Yes, it was racially charged littering, mind you, but still just littering.

Now, these are confirmed cases where we know the identity of the perpetrator.  We still don’t know who did the poop swastika at University of Missouri.  We still feel really silly typing “poop swastika” in a supposedly serious conversation too.  All that said, here’s something to think about regarding the poop swastika: Why would someone who reveres the swastika and all that it conveys use feces to “paint” it?  Maybe it’s just us, but that seems pretty insulting to that symbol.  If that was the “artist’s” intent, we applaud him or her, though we doubt that.

If racism was as rampant as some claim, why would they need to manufacture these threats?

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  1. TheCalvinator Reply

    “facts being irrelevant” describes the blindness that is liberalism practiced by some of the finest albeit misguided folks I know. Why is it that ‘truth’ no longer carries the currency it once had with them? It’s bewildering. How is it that ideology trumps reality? WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?
    Only a person who despises his OWN race could think its racial context didn’t matter. Huh?
    ‘Our freedoms’ is THE great creator of inequality. Which one(s) do you want to give up to feed the self-demanding, empty-headed & newly-entitled on today’s campuses? Having a voice is one thing, taking the voice from another is fascism and no, smartass, the ends do NOT justify the means.
    Try boot camp… in fact DEMAND boot camp for every sophomore on campus. Life would change for the better as
    the realization we’re in this together becomes more clear. “Real life matters.”