Kerry: It’s Time to Officially Shut Down Coal Fired Power Plants, And Other Statist Non-Sense

It appears President Obama's plan to bankrupt the coal industry is becoming a reality.

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Secretary of State John Kerry sat before an audience in Paris and told them the United States of America was forcing coal-fired power plants to shutter their operations. At an event hosted by the website Mashable and the U.N. Foundation, Kerry said, “President Obama has put in place one of the most ambitious national climate action plans in the world. We’ve doubled our car efficiency and truck–We’re requiring our coal-fired power plants have to begin to phase out.”

First of all, “we” haven’t doubled our car and truck efficiency. The Obama administration implemented regulations that mandated “the U.S. auto fleet average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.” So let’s stop pretending Obama did something “ambitious” here. He used force to make the free market jump through his hoops.

It doesn’t take much ambition to point government at an industry and say, “Do this.”

“Well, how? The technology to do that doesn’t exist.”

“You better figure it out by 2025, or you’re closing down.”

How “ambitious.”

Nothing has been done that gives any credibility to the claim that America has “doubled our car efficiency.” We simply haven’t.

But, the idea that the federal government is requiring coal-fired power plants to phase out is new. The Obama Administration’s rhetoric has always been that of making the coal-industry cleaner…not extinct.

In fact, the Fact Sheet on President Obama’s Historic Carbon Pollution Standards for Power Plants shows an intention to spend loads of taxpayer loot on coal related projects:

  • Investing in Coal Communities, Workers, and Communities:  In February, as part of the President’s FY 2016 budget, the Administration released the POWER+ Plan to invest in workers and jobs, address important legacy costs in coal country, and drive the development of coal technology. The Plan provides dedicated new resources for economic diversification, job creation, job training, and other employment services for workers and communities impacted by layoffs at coal mines and coal-fired power plants; includes unprecedented investments in the health and retirement security of mineworkers and their families and the accelerated clean-up of hazardous coal abandoned mine lands; and provides new tax incentives to support continued technology development and deployment of carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration technologies.


I guess when you look at that, it’s more focused on dealing with all the people who are going to lose their coal related jobs, isn’t it?

Except for that part about driving “the development of coal technology,” but who knows what that even means. They could be talking about making an Android app that shows activists tearing down cooling towers Angry Birds style.

At least now, if Kerry’s to be believed, President Obama’s plan to bankrupt the coal industry is becoming a reality. Which is interesting, considering Politifact said that Robert Henneke’s assertion that “Obama’s Clean Power Plan … eliminates coal-fired power plants” was “Mostly False.”

What part was true? The part about actually eliminating coal-fired power plants? Because that’s exactly what Kerry says we’re doing with that plan.

Kerry also said a lot of other statist non-sense, like, “It’s the private sector, the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs is going to find a way to do battery storage for alternative and renewable energy, or we’re going to find a way to burn energy, or maybe this dream of fusion is going to be accelerated and actually have a commercial viability.”

There’s nothing about the energy industry that is private. Elon Musk, love him or hate him, is as steeped in cronyism as Thomas Durant. So is the rest of the alternative energy industry. This isn’t private. It’s public money being thrown at almost any company that hangs up a solar panel shingle and claims they can make energy cleaner than the other guy.

Solyndra ring any bells?

Let’s be clear about one simple fact: clean, green energy is being generated in the United States far more efficiently and in greater quantity than wind mills and solar panels, but no one in the Obama administration or the environmental movement wants to advocate for it.

It’s called nuclear energy. It emits no carbon dioxide and produced tons of energy, as well as high paying, long lasting jobs.

You’d think someone there would bring this up, especially when you consider this:

When the Civaux nuclear power plant comes on line sometime in the next 12 months, France will have 56 working nuclear plants, generating 76% of her electricity.

In France, unlike in America, nuclear energy is accepted, even popular. Everybody I spoke to in Civaux loves the fact their region was chosen. The nuclear plant has brought jobs and prosperity to the area.

Want to get rid of coal-fired power plants?

Easy. Let the energy companies build nuke plants. Let them install micro-reactors around the country, supplying safe, green energy to everyone.

Of course, that would mean the real goal of Paris, and the climate change movement as a whole, was to actually create green energy and eliminate “carbon pollution.”

If it were, wouldn’t it be talking about nuclear?

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