Kerry Says We Know Who Is Coming Into the US…Well For the Most Part (Video)

The powers that be have spoken, and we're supposed to just listen and go along.

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Following the Paris terrorist attacks and the attack in San Bernardino, it’s safe to say that people are a little worried about who is coming into this country.  Especially since ISIS has both vowed to use refugees as cover, and actually done it.

Not to worry though.  Secretary of State John Kerry says we know exactly who is coming into the country.  Kinda.

From CNS News:

“We have plenty of ways to vet people. We already do it,” Secretary of State John Kerry told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“We have a huge process of examining people for visas. We know who’s coming into our country for the most part.”


“[F]or the most part?”  When you’re talking about  200,000 refugees, you need a little better than “for the most part.”  Especially when a surprisingly high number of them admit to supporting ISIS.

Meanwhile, that tough background check Kerry mentioned.  Yeah…not that tough, as it turns out.

Host Chuck Todd asked Kerry this on Sunday: “It turned out, she had been communicating radical beliefs on social media before she applied for her fiancee visa,” Todd told Kerry. He asked the Secretary of State if the visa vetting process needs to include a look at a visa applicant’s social media  history.

“The review has been ordered, and we need to look at whether there should be and how we can do it,” Kerry replied.

“But clearly the social media has placed a whole new burden and a whole new set of questions, but not impossible ones to resolve; and I think we need to look at this very, very carefully, which is what we’re doing, before we jump to a wholesale prohibition without understanding what the implications may be.”

So, we know who is coming into the country, but we don’t really know anything about them?  Well, we’re feeling all comfy-cozy now.

Look, we’re not talking about hacking anyone’s personal information, but if someone puts “Death to America!” on their Facebook page, then it’s probably a good bet that they’re not interested in any American ideals.  The reality is that we know it’s impossible to vet all of these refugees.  No matter what Secretary Kerry tries to say they are, we also know that’s untrue as well.

But the powers that be have spoken, and we’re supposed to just listen and go along with it.  Too bad that we’re not.

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