Kim Paris

Following her honorable discharge from the military, Kim moved to Houston where she worked as a private investigator for the Clyde Wilson FAM (2)Agency, ultimately playing the key role in solving a cold case murder of an attorney and his wife. By age 27 Kim had sold the book and movie rights (Love and Lies) and moved back home to St. Louis where she still resides, in her 100 year old bungalow by the scenic Missouri River.  Former CBS reporter, Recipient of three National Headliner Awards for Public Service Reporting, several years in non-profit management & donor development, Kim is SamePageNation’s full-time Executive Editor, and managing partner of their other interests.
Kim has a son, Sasha (U.S. Army) and a daughter, Simone. Good kids. Smart kids. Polite kids.

Eve Jung

Eve is SPN’s Spock. You know the type. The ‘When E.F. Hutton Speaks – People Listen’ type. And she’s always got the best ideas for new adventures. She’ll tell you all this wisdom comes from her college degree earned on the 20-year-plan, from having done everything for a living known to mankind: air traffic controller / police officer / cocktail waitress Eve jumping/ IT Project Manager / business owner (not necessarily in that order), and from being a single mother for most of that time. And she’ll tell you it also gives people some freakin’ common sense, ya know? It’s Real Life out there. So much of this stuff we’re talking about is plain common sense, regardless of your political party.  SamePageNation, it’s a thing. Eve is key to the founding of, and is supportive of, several other different enterprises and organizations focused on grassroots efforts to keep this country on track Constitutionally; that’s like the biggest thing.

A couple times of year Eve and Kim try to meet up with each other somewhere in the country for an adventure of some sort.

On their schedule this summer?

Perhaps South Carolina, and shooting from horseback (never know when you’ll need that skill).

Shooter and horse CROP

Currently on their Recommend To Others list –

Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training in Las Vegas, “Survive The 5 Most Critical Seconds Of Your Life.”

Machine Gun Vegas CROP


While you’re there, Machine Gun Vegas is a *MUST DO*  .What’s not brilliant about heavy artillery and knowledgeable ‘hostesses” dressed ala Lara Croft?  Ask for the ‘Seal Team Six’ package.



Driving Final
Another really great one is ex-CIA agent, Shark Tank winner Jason Hanson’s “Escape and Evasion Driving Experience” in Utah.


And then there’s the Republican National Convention and Democrat National Convention just one week apart the end of July.  SamePageNation’s media credentials will be an E-Ticket to the Best Show on Earth right there!