Lounge Owner Finds New Use For Kaepernick Jersey

Lots of people are expressing their 1st Amendment rights these days

Just how unpopular is San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick in some circles for his refusal to stand during the National Anthem?  Well, a cigar lounge in League City, Texas has summed it up perfectly.

They’re using his jersey as a doormat.

From Click2Houston:

A League City cigar lounge is getting a lot of attention on social media over its new doormat.

The Man Cave has duct-taped a Colin Kaepernick jersey to the ground right outside the front door in response to the San Francisco 49er quarterback’s national anthem protest.

Customers have been using the Kaepernick jersey as a doormat ever since it was installed.

Kaepernick has a First Amendment right to protest in any way he wishes, so long as he doesn’t harm another person or someone else’s property.  No one has to like it, they just have to tolerate it (and by “tolerate”, we mean “put up with it and nothing more”).

However, exercising one’s First Amendment rights isn’t a shield from criticism, nor should it be.  The Man Cave is simply exercising their First Amendment rights to show Kaepernick just how highly they think of his protest.

Of course, we’re still boggling at the idea of a guy who gets paid millions to play a game believing he’s oppressed.

Can we be that kind of oppressed?  Please?

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