No Regrets For Red Light Camera Tampering

However, there is a much more effective way to fight back

First, Stephen Ruth decided to tamper with red light cameras. Then he decided to record the act. That was followed with an arrest after he bragged about it on Facebook.

Of course, he has no regrets.

From Naked Security:

That video had been viewed 304,637 times as of Friday morning.

Yes, that’s right – another criminal who posted evidence of his crime on Facebook.

And then bragged about it. On Facebook.

Make no mistake, this guy’s no dim bulb. Ruth knew he would get caught, and he doesn’t care.

Police told local news channel PIX11 that they got wind of the videos and found that Ruth had allegedly tampered with four cameras in Suffolk County, near the Long Island Expressway Service Roads at Hawkins Avenue and near Ocean Avenue.

He’s doing it for the little guys, he said – the people whom New York is bleeding with high taxes.

Here’s what Ruth posted on Facebook:

To all the people thinking “why would he do that?  Didn’t he think he was going to get arrested?” Of course I knew I would be arrested.  I did it for the people who came back from war and get abused by these cameras.  I did it because senior citizens are getting these, the same ones that went to war for us. These same seniors live in New York’s high cost environment and are being forced out of New York because of its high taxes.

I also did it because every vehicle that you see with an out of state license plate is not receiving these tickets regardless of who they are.  These same people live in our state and pay lower insurance rates because their cars are registered out of state under someone else’s name.

However, there is a much more effective way to fight back. Disabling the cameras sounds great, but you know what the local governments will do?  Spend your tax money to fix them, then go right back to business as usual.

Why couldn’t a ballot initiative be passed giving the citizens the opportunity to tell the government what they must do, rather than the government telling the citizens what they aren’t going to do? Why do people sit back, when they are in the clear majority, and let a government do exactly the opposite of what they want?

Perhaps it’s time for Americans to stop waiting for someone to do something and instead, do something.

We don’t have to agree on abortion or gay marriage or if God exists in order to work together to hold government accountable, fight cronyism and protect our liberties in our hometowns.

SamePageNation can help.

Request information about how you can create a ballot initiative to put these kinds of issues directly to a Vote of the People in your village, town, city, or state. We have the human resources to assist you — hands on — in making a real, and lasting difference!  Together.

Read more about SamePageNation’s Direct Democracy Initiative HERE.



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