“We Need to Teach People That It’s Not Noble to Wait to Die”

Tea Party activist and LGBT speaker Gina Roberts says it's time to stop the Blame Game.

Editorial by SamePageNation Contributor Gina Roberts

orlando-shooting-1Someone mentioned to me that I am in a unique position to write an op-ed piece on the Orlando terror attack.  I agree, I do have a lot of insight into two of the groups that were most affected by this horrific attack.  First, let me state that as an individual and representative of several different groups I am authorized to speak for, our hearts and condolences go out to the families of the people killed and injured victims and their families.  Unfortunately these comforting feelings do nothing to keep such an attack from happening again.

It continues to baffle me that even before the attack was over groups were posturing to take political advantage of the violence.  They all offered condolences, prayers and … but they offered no solutions, just the same old rhetoric again and again.  The left leaning people start blaming the evil death dealing tool, the NRA, and the process the gun was obtained, the right leaning people blame the attacker, the groups the attacker came from, say the world as we know it is coming to an end, so much unproductive noise from both sides.  Immediate calls for more gun control, and calls to ban all people of a certain faith, fill the airways and news outlets round the world.

Were the victims lambs to the slaughter or did they put up resistance?

There are some reports that there were a few heroes that placed their lives on the line to shepherd people from the building, a former Marine for one, (a gay Marine, who would have thought?)  Another, the mother of one of the patrons, was reported to have stepped into the path of the bullets orlando textto save her son, showing amazing love.  The victims, predominately gay, are part of a community that seems to downplay the existence of evil, seemingly believing that being passive is the safest route to survival.  There are purported text messages from victims that are hiding in fear for their lives as they are being approached by the killer.

The rescue.  From some reports it took the police units over three hours to breach a wall in the restroom and neutralize the bad guy after he took many hostages.  So what went right?  In my somewhat uninformed opinion, absolutely nothing.

Orlando shooter selfie CROPSo many things to fix, why did the FBI pass on this guy (multiple times)? Why did his wife not turn him in for multiple beatings? When his security company moved him at the request of the government, why wasn’t he investigated again?  How would a different background check for the gun purchase have helped?  So the gun was evil?  The big magazine capacity killed those people, hardly, he changed magazines many times, the guy had over three hours to cause havoc on these people. The gun doesn’t project evil the person using it does.

So what lessons can the average person take from this evil event,
be they straight or gay?

First, we need to allow people to defend themselves, a gun free zone is the favorite killing field of the terrorist and dedicated killer.

Gay Gadsen Transgender Gun
We need to teach people that waiting to die is not more noble than to work together to rush and stop an evil attack.  The only solution to absolutely stop these attacks is either to stop them with a good guy with the means to fight back, or to rush the attacker, tackle them and disarm them.

When the Israelis started training their people to respond to active shooters by rushing the attacker en masse, the incidence of mass shooting dropped to almost zero.  We know this method works, it was pioneered and proven by the occupants of the fourth plane on 9/11 that dove into a field in Pennsylvania when a gentlemen named Todd Beamer was overheard on the plane’s phone say “Are you ready? Okay. Let’s roll”.  The passengers then attacked the hijackers and forced the plane to prematurely end its flight in Pennsylvania rather than a population center like Washington DC, at the expense of their own lives.

Gay Gadsen Shooting AlleyIt’s time to work together to put an end to terrorism and do what we as Americans do best, WIN.  We need to stop the unproductive blame game and change the rules to make it possible for people to protect themselves and make them understand that their best chance of surviving a lethal encounter is to fight back.  Personally, I will be continuing my efforts to train people in self-protection, and to lobby for the ability to protect one self and their loved ones with whatever force they deem appropriate.

Once again my deepest sympathy and condolences for the victims and their families.

~ Gina Roberts


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