Obamacare Premiums Set to Jack Up Again

Has any part of it worked out the way they said they would?

President Obama may have argued that the Affordable Care Act would be…you know…affordable, but the reality of what happened is something completely different.  So far, all we’ve seen are higher and higher rates with no end in sight.

Now, it looks like it’s about to happen yet again.

From Breitbart:

A report has found that Obamacare premiums, even for the cheapest plans that many low income families purchased, are set to go up at least 11 percent just ahead of Election Day in November.


The new reports find that the most popular type of insurance sold by the Obamacare insurance marketplaces across the country will be hit with higher premiums at a faster clip by 2017 than they have faced in recent years.

Costs for the Obamacare “silver” plans, some of the most popular choices for middle and lower income Americans, will rise up to 11 percent, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation released this week.

The “silver” plans have been purchased by 68 percent of Obamacare exchange visitors.

The fee hikes come after many insurers found they had underestimated the costs connected with the plans and began to realize massive losses due to the error.

Insurers noted that those choosing the “silver” plans are those who tend to be sicker and whose care is more expensive.


The reality is that no matter how you try to shake it, nothing at all has worked the way they said it would, including the blasted website. Seriously, how much of an omen has that disaster turned out to be?

It’s beyond time that both Congress and the President admit it’s not working and try to figure out something that will.

Not that it’s going to happen.

President Obama is too invested in his legacy at this point in his term to actually care about solving problems.  Especially when the problems are caused by the most significant part of his legacy.

Ah, for the day when we had statesmen instead of politicians.

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Photo Credit:  Andrew Grossman/123rf
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