Open Borders and Islamic Terrorism: A Match Made in Hell

It's time to stop capitulating to political correctness; the West is in serious trouble.

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Shelter in place and remain at home. If you were planning to attend an event, we strongly urge you to reconsider, the US Embassy in Brussels advised Americans living in or visiting the city.

Today Brussels saw the result of an “open borders” policy, as did France before her…a few times in the past couple of years. People with good sense have been calling for a stricter and more comprehensive solution to the hoards of people fleeing ISIS (and the terrorists now provably hiding within their ranks) amongst horrid accusations of bigotry.

I, for one, have had enough. It’s time to get real. It’s time to stop this “all or nothing” idiocy and put on our big girl panties.

I’m an immigrant.

Immigration is great. Illegal immigration is awful and unfair, but immigration is the backbone of our great nation and within that system we also have set up a mechanism for those fleeing oppression to seek shelter within our borders. It is a wonderful system that has saved many families from certain death.

The refugee system cannot work if the refugees themselves are bringing the oppression with them when they cross our borders. This is what people like me are trying to explain when we express concern about flooding our borders and our system with unaccountable refugees from largely Muslim nations.

It’s not bigotry …

… it’s compassion for those who are already here and depend on our unique brand of freedom.

We’ve seen the attacks in France, we hear about the French suburbs where police have completely abandoned certain areas to Muslim communities rife with violence and misogyny. In Germany the generosity people of those nations has been rewarded with roving gangs of refugees groping and attacking women in public areas.  In Sweden (another open borders “success story”) native Swedish women are now forced to done a hijab or burqa on public transit to avoid being abused and attacked by Muslim men offended by their necks and even a “60 Minutes” crew was attacked by refugees by as they tried to cover the plight of refugees there.

Lara Logan
Lora Logan, chief foreign affairs correspondent CBS News

Google Lara Logan and make yourself read all of what she went through.

The problem isn’t that the West isn’t “nice enough” or we don’t do enough. The problem is culture, and that’s why unchecked immigration is so dangerous to the American way of life. We have an American culture. It’s predicated on the Biblical notion of freedom and rights only given by and taken by the Creator, not any man. We think of this as normal, because that’s how we were all raised. That’s how we have all lived for a very long time.

It’s different in the majority Muslim nations. With the exception of places like Turkey, Jordan or Iran 60 years ago those cultures look at freedom and equality very differently. In a place where a woman is not even allowed to drive a car, she’s not seen as much else than an object to be owned. Boys and girls are raised with that notion, the way we are raised with the notion that OF FRIGGIN’ COURSE a woman can drive herself around and wear pants if she wants. You can’t snatch a person who has been raised in oppression their whole lives, put them in the West and expect that they will simply naturally cotton to the lifestyle of freedom. They’re from a totally different culture.

Brussels Immigrant CROPWhen you control the flow of people from oppression to freedom, you allow them time to assimilate  to the culture of freedom. However, when that drip of legitimate immigration becomes a geyser of refugees fleeing the most oppressive lifestyles on the planet, you suddenly halt the assimilation process – in effect you condemn the condemned all over again.

For whatever reason the culture of Islam produces too many oppressive regimes and births too many oppressive people. I don’t have the word count to delve into that discussion but we can all agree it’s varied. You can talk to me all you want about how oppressive “Christian regimes” in the past have been and all of the sins of Christians but the very fact you only bring that up when there’s an Islamic terrorist attack proves my point. We’re not ever arguing over what to do with the Christian terrorists marching across Europe.

It doesn’t matter if the majority of Muslims and refugees are peaceful.

We’re not talking about these people. We’re talking about the 10 percent of the global Islamic population that has somehow come to the conclusion that death or conversion are the only two options for them to live in peace with their neighbors. I might remind you that 10 percent of one billion is a whole lot terrorists.

Today Brussels paid a staggering price for their notion that asking for more control over who enters the borders of freedom is somehow bigoted. In the last seven years we have seen a shocking rise in Islamic terrorism on Western soil.

I’m not capitulating to the open borders crowd any longer.

It’s time we be honest so we can deal with the problem the way it needs to be dealt with to keep our children safe.

Islam is creating too many a–holes and those people are coming to the West in droves.

Someone has to make it stop.
Opinion / Editorial

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  1. notislam Reply

    COMMON SENSE —- Just do the right thing — Filthy islam is here to destroy all INFIDELS. The proof is right before our eyes and the PC -LEFT are our enemies along with FILTHY ISLAM –JUST look at the BHO moslem administration –totally against all american infidels! WAKE UP AMERICA. How many more terrorist attacks does it take before we STOP ALL ILLEGALS AND TERRORISTS?

  2. cluebattingcage Reply

    “You can talk to me all you want about how oppressive “Christian regimes” in the past have been and all of the sins of Christians but the very fact you only bring that up when there’s an Islamic terrorist attack proves my point. We’re not ever arguing over what to do with the Christian terrorists marching across Europe.”

    Nailed it.

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