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Opinion / Editorial Re: EWS (#Equality Withdrawal Syndrome) … In a room full of Conservative Christians I have always been treated with kindness, respect, and tolerance. Ironically, in...

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Opinion / Editorial

Re: EWS (#Equality Withdrawal Syndrome) …

In a room full of Conservative Christians I have always been treated with kindness, respect, and tolerance. Ironically, in a room filled with the LGBT I’m treated with hostility, contempt, and intolerance, despite the fact that I only listen to show tunes and throw fabulous Academy Award parties.

Congratulations for accomplishing exactly what you set out to get. Congratulations on the ability to publically and legally express love and commitment to your spouse – until death do us part.

However, if equality is what you want to achieve, your work is nowhere near finished.

Now comes a few responsibilities, and one golden opportunity. This opportunity, if taken, will have a positive effect on our country and all Americans. I suggest you take it. You have the opportunity to assimilate into society, drop the labels, end voluntarily self-segregation, refuse the mentality of victimhood, and develop your own self-identity. Then, and only then, will real equality be achieved.  

I beg you to take a moment, open your mind, and realize that the gay community has been used by the commercially driven LGBT for decades. In order to have real equality, which is what you wanted, you need to develop your own individual self-identity. For this to be possible you must first understand that homosexuality is not a community. Homosexuality is a sexual preference. What you choose to do in the bedroom is a personal and private matter. Remember when you said you wanted government to stay out of your bedroom? I do. Before you clutch your pearls, and react to my choice of the word “choose,” please know that I’ll address the divisive issue of whether, or whether not, homosexuality is a choice in the near future. Right now, it is more important to understand another choice: an inherent right, which has been taken away from you.

The commercially driven LGBT usurped your community, and exploited you. You have been exploited both psychologically, and for-profit. They will continue to exploit you until you take the responsibility that comes with your new rights, and assimilate into society as an individual with a real self-identity not based on sex and victimhood.

A collective mentality of victimhood and persecution, combined with a herd-like consciousness, has been spoon-fed to you for years. Why? Because current LGBT leadership believes the ends justify the means; and as the saying goes: All’s fair in love and war. The long road to getting exactly what you wanted was, in fact, a war. You all know it was.

Fortunately, the LGBT herd-like mentality of victimhood and persecution, void of any real self-identity, isn’t your fault. The blame lies solely with profit-minded LGBT leadership. For two decades, the LGBT robbed you of having any real self-identity whatsoever. Instead, a collective identity of victimhood and persecution was chosen for you in order to achieve your goal; marriage equality. You were heartlessly robbed of the right to your own self-identity. The robbery was hidden in plain sight, invisible behind the cloud of persecution, victimhood, and absence of your individual self-identity. It’s very difficult to have the courage to think for oneself these days. A bandwagon mentality, covered in sequins, glitter, rainbow flags, and other multi-media created shiny objects is very seductive. Combine this with victimhood, persecution, and no meaningful self-identity, and it’s impossible to think as an individual. Nobody wants to be mocked for being different. You know exactly what I mean.  

The first thing I suggest is that you reject and replace each and every for-profit leader involved in the marriage equality movement that led to your bittersweet victory at the Supreme Court. You got what you wanted. You don’t need them anymore, especially not to use you again. They will use you again and again if you do not take this once in a lifetime important societal opportunity.

I haven’t decided yet, but I was considering providing you with a list of for-profit LGBT leadership, prominent for-profit activists, media personalities, academics, Hollywood producers/directors/writers, and power-hungry politicians who heartlessly robbed you of your inherent right to your own self-identity. At this time, I don’t believe this is necessary. Americans are good, smart people. Our history proves that we have the ability to eventually get things fixed; for ourselves. Once you regain the ability to filter through the LGBT white-noise, and develop your own self-identity, try this: sit down, take a deep breath, look deep inside your heart, and really think about who did this to you. Who is responsible for robbing you of your right to a self-identity?  You know who they are.

Ever since I began speaking about what the current LGBT leadership has done to you, I’ve been called many names, and have been given many cruel labels. None of the labels have been open-minded or tolerant at all, even though that is what the LGBT constantly lectures America about. Labels like, “House Homo,” “self-hater,” “crazy,” “stupid,” “Himmler and Goebbels would be proud of you,” stuff like that. I’m a big boy. I can take it. When I was a little boy Nana taught me, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Try it sometime. It works. Okay, back to the important stuff.

Let’s talk about self-identity for a minute. Given the Supreme Court decision, who are you now? You are no longer a victim. You are no longer persecuted. You are no longer denied anything that other Americans have. If you were unhappy with your life prior to the Supreme Court ruling, you will continue to be unhappy. Why?  Because the commercially driven LGBT, and others, selected an identity for you that is based on your private sexual activities, persecution, victimhood, and oppression.

The first step is to remove sex from the equation. Sex isn’t very interesting. Dogs do it. Is your private sex life the most interesting thing about you? I certainly hope not. No matter what your occupation is, wouldn’t you rather be a lawyer, a doctor, or an actor; instead of a gay-lawyer, a gay-doctor, or a gay-actor? C’mon gals and guys, we’re all Americans, no more labels. You said you wanted to be equal. Now you are equal. The Supreme Court said you were equal. This is what you wanted.

The second thing I suggest is that the commercially driven LGBT be completely dismantled; immediately.  Same-sex couples are now allowed to be married. Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals have nothing in common. Take a deep look at each of these labels and think about this for yourself. Take your time. Eventually, you will see that once you remove the victimhood, persecution, and oppression, these labels no longer have anything in common. The victimhood and persecution spoon-fed to you, by current LGBT leadership, was the glue that held these labels together. These labels no longer have anything in common. The Supreme Court said that you are equal to everybody else in America. The ruling makes you no longer oppressed or persecuted. It’s time to move forward and just be a citizen of The United States just like everyone else. 

Now that you have the rights you wanted, you got something else too, it’s called, responsibility. With new rights come new responsibilities. Responsibility and rights go hand in hand. Conveniently for them, the commercially driven LGBT forgot to share this simple truth with you. It is now your responsibility to assimilate into society, just like everybody else.

It is the duty of all Americans to assimilate into society, retain their heritage and orientations, and live together side by side as American citizens. This is how America works. This isn’t hard to understand. We are all individuals with different backgrounds, different customs, different orientations, and different self-identities. But, we are all Americans.

So today, right now, ask yourself this important question: Who am I? I pray that you realize you are more than your sexuality. I’m looking forward to helping guide you through your assimilation into society, and helping you develop the right to a self-identity. Stay tuned for more; in order to successfully assimilate into society, there are more issues that need to be addressed. God Bless each and every one of you. I really want to help all Americans get along. Together, we can do this.

True equality is only possible when being gay is as irrelevant as having red hair.

I have a dream that all Americans will one day live in a nation where they will be judged on their talent, merit, and contributions to society, not their sexual preference.

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  1. J. Reply

    I think that this author entirely misses many of the points and doesn’t understand the LGBT community at all. As an ally, I sympathize with their situation. The author glibly suggests that LGBT “drop the labels”, but it was the hard-core conservative Christians who instituted those labels in the first place. The author says that they have the opportunity to assimilate into society; but society shuns them. The American Populace is 74% Christian. Of those, somewhere around 45% are conservative Christians who vehemently oppose gays. So, how is it exactly that they are supposed to assimilate? Particularly when they are refused service for their “preferences”, as you call It. Being gay may be a sexual preference, yes, but is a community also. What happens when you make a choice that results in your being shunned? You band together with like-minded people who form a community. The fact that you fail to see this is astounding. Christianity was not always the dominant religion. Imagine for a moment if your letter was written 2,000 years ago to Christians after winning some basic rights that they should have had all along. Imagine telling them that their “choice” of religion and the subsequent exile that followed, didn’t count as a community. But that’s exactly what their church became. A lot of segregation isn’t voluntary, it’s imposed by society that disagrees with their choices. You make it sound like their victimization is imaginary. Imagine how you would feel if the tables were turned and you were shunned for being straight, and you were labeled, and to add insult to injury, it was illegal for you to marry because it disagreed with their way of thinking. How could you possibly not feel victimized by that? The LGBT community isn’t driven by greed or profit, but rather by a strength-in-numbers survival instinct.
    Also, the idea that one court decision would suddenly tip the scales and make everything equal is rather absurd. They are no longer a victim? When was the last time you were refused a service or a product because you were straight? The Supreme Court’s decision granted them the right to marry. It is not a blanket statement encompassing all of equality. Your article is rife with non-sequitur thinking; you equate the permission for gays to marry as suddenly making them responsible for undoing the hate that was directed at them. This isn’t a question of assimilating into American society; you want them to assimilate to the Christian Religion. You are correct in that true equality will only be possible when being gay is as irrelevant as having red hair. However, the ultra-conservatives who reject everything about the LGBT community have a huge factor to play in that outcome. If you want equality to happen, then get politicians like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, and the countless others who have decried homosexuality publicly to STFU about it. It’s a two-way street and unification will require work from both sides. The LBGT community will need to be forgiving of the discrimination and hatred that’s been aimed at them, AND current conservative Christians and Elected officials need to stop trying to shut them out. As long as that later event happens, then there’s no reason for the former, and the gay community will continue to exist because it must. For someone who wants people to get on the “same page” it sure seems like the only page you want to get people on is yours.

    1. THOMAS Reply

      Dearest J – You requested for me to, “Imagine how you would feel if the tables were turned and you were shunned for being straight”. I will engage you in this experiment here and now. FULL DISCLOSURE: It’s super easy for me to imagine what it is like to be straight. I used to be straight. But then I made a choice. In the article above, I state that at a later date I will address the controversial question of whether, or whether not, homosexuality is a choice. The commercially driven LGBT pretends that there are only two answers to this controversial question: 1) People are born homosexual. 2) People choose to be homosexual. The truth is that there is a secret third answer to this controversial question. Why does the commercially driven LGBT pretend there are only two answers to this controversial question? Because, in order to stay in business, the commercially driven LGBT denies gay people of their inherent right to a real self-identity. The secret third answer to this controversial question is key to the development of a real individual self-identity. I won’t reveal the secret third answer to this controversial question here today. Readers will have to stay tuned for that. But I will end with this. If it’s not a choice, then why do I remember making it?

    2. Kim Paris Reply

      Hi J. Thanks for the comment. Thomas Schmitz is gay. When you read back over his post with that context in mind, how does his message change for you? Or does it?

  2. Xander Gibb Reply

    Amen, we are so much more than our sexulity, but unfortunately with the current LGBT we have been brainwashed to think otherwise. It is imperative to speak and voice one’s opinion, as not all gay people think and act the same. Sadly those of us that still have brains end up having to disassociate and stand up to the falsehoods being perpetrated as solid truths. Not all of us need to force our ideals on others, even if it means being ostracized from a community we no longer recognise or support.

  3. john Reply

    For someone advocating assimilation the author makes extreme gratuitous use of labeling to try to make his point. That immediately negates the point. People who know how to live without labels and believe it have no need to resort to labeling and belittling others.

    The author also assumes that those who don’t identify as LGBT don’t assimilate. It was the history of overt assimilation, of buying into artificial societal norms, which prevented acceptance of LGBT as valid individuals in the first place. So this answer of “YOU SHOULD ALL GO BACK INTO THE CLOSET IMMEDIATELY” smacks of self hatred. One might as well suggest that women stop voting, remain at home and raise babies, and that black people go back into slavery.

    There are kernels of good ideas contained in here, but the porridge of bitchy hatred in which they are mixed is hardly digestible. Try writing something that doesn’t come across as “Perez Coulter” and remember that you can’t make people love you, you can only make yourself more lovable. Perez Coulter succeeds in neither.

    1. Kimadmin Reply

      “Perez Coulter,” LOL. That’s funny right there.

  4. Alisha Reply

    Woah! I’m really einoyjng the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s tough to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say you’ve done a very good job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Opera. Superb Blog!

    1. Kimadmin Reply

      Right on! Thanks for the support Alisha. We’re brand new and your specific feedback is helpful.

  5. Cynthia Reply

    All I can say is, Thomas you are a fantastic writer. I am enlightened by your response to J and the LGBT info. I cannot wait to hear what the third choice is. I will continue to follow you as I find your writing intriguing and powerful. And even though I am straight, I am a Mom who would love to know if you think 12-13 yr olds can be heavily influenced by the LGBT?