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“I had rather be a free citizen of the small republic of Massachusetts than an oppressed subject of the great American empire.” ~Essay in Boston Gazette and Country...

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“I had rather be a free citizen of the small republic of Massachusetts than an oppressed subject of the great American empire.” ~Essay in Boston Gazette and Country Journal, November 26, 1787 ~ John Jay

When our founding fathers first united together in order to decide the fate of this republic, they could not agree on most major issues facing the colonies. The disagreements and divisions were many. One of the greatest divisions between our founding fathers was the divide between federalism and anti-federalism. Many of our founders believed in a strong central government controlled by a federal system. Others were of the mind that the states should have all the power and thus government was to be controlled more directly, by the people. By the time the constitutional convention convened in May 25 to the time that the constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania all agreed on one thing. They all understood that the most important thing was having a constitution that protected the rights of the people and the states and limited the power of the federal government to a great degree.

Pluralism is the strength of this country. Diversity of views is important to maintaining a strong republic. Diversity of opinion has never been a weakness because we have almost always had the unity in the belief that our constitution is the law of the land. Most Americans still hold that reverence and respect for the law of the land. The problems we now face are titanic in nature. We cannot hope to undertake any of them without being united and also informed Americans.

Unfortunately, most of the information Americans get comes through the corrupt filter of the main stream media. In order to educate ourselves as independent thinkers and citizens, we must also turn to sources whose only bias is to impartially educate and unite us and to maintain our constitutional integrity as one nation. We must be informed in order to overcome our differences and then unite against those that seek to steal money and freedom from “we the people”.

In the interest of full disclosure, I label myself as a constitutional conservative. My bias is to maintain the republic as our founding fathers intended. I believe that the constitution is written in granite as a standard by which all other documents of law shall be measured against. This is in opposition to the idea that it is a living breathing document that can be changed depending on the whim of the times in which we live. Having said that, on this critical point I think that we may all, as a country, find common ground as our founders once did and respect the constitution as the law of the land. We may disagree on its fragility but we can all understand its supremacy.

What we need is less ideological talking points infused into us by opposing media sources and more self-education on the part of “we the people”. Is it too much to ask of that we stay well informed on the issues facing us today?  Is it too difficult to give up our biases and join hands with other Americans to take our country back? Of course it isn’t, we just need to obtain the will. Historically under national crisis all sides have come together in order to defeat a common foe. We are in such a crisis now.

I think both the left and the right can agree that our congress is corrupt. Even the staunchest conservative can see that Wall Street and financial companies have congress in their pockets. All we need to look at is the latest financial crisis and bailouts and who benefited from them. If you look at the current president’s economic advisors and council you will find the same names as board members of the failed institutions that bilked Americans of millions in these scandals. Most of these men never faced justice. Instead, they became lobbyists and appointees to government positions as high as cabinet members in our current administration. Even the staunchest informed liberal will admit that corruption and cronyism have not changed with the Obama administration. An intellectually honest person would even see that it might have gotten worse. Is the media reporting on what I just stated? Of course not because they are also corrupt lobbyists with their money in the pockets of the powerful.

The individual American citizen doesn’t have the power or resources to combat the corruption that is slowly destroying the republic. Most people aren’t even informed enough to understand the threat that we face to our freedom. A feeling of impuissance and impotence is what most people are feeling at this point in our history. Combine this with the polarization we are experiencing and the end result is apathy and hopelessness.

The first solution to our problems must be to end the polarization and find common ground against a common enemy. As our founding fathers acted on the fact that the most important thing was to secure our liberties and unite against tyranny, we too should join in this task before us. I believe SamePageNation will help us to find common ground to join together in brotherhood. I also think it will serve to educate us and empower us.

As citizens we must be involved, we must get informed, and we must join together as one tribe (or nation).

The Sioux Nation (or tribe) was referred to as nation because it consisted of three different major tribes. The Lakota, the Dakota, and the Nakota or Yankton Bands made up the Sioux nation. These bands were made up of even smaller tribes. The Lakota was made up of seven smaller tribes including the large Oglala tribe. All of these bands of Indian tribes shared a common language and purpose. They had different identities and ideas and philosophies. They were very independent of each other, yet when push came to shove they banded together as one nation. The defeat of the seventh Calvary at The Little Big Horn is a prime example of this joining of wills for one purpose despite differences.

It is imperative for our own individual survival as well as collectively, our nation’s endurance; that we join together in the spirit of #NoTribes. We are one nation united in common defense. A united American people cannot afford to continue to be divided by those that seek to use division in order to maintain power. The concept of unity under one common cause (same page nation) must be entrenched in all of us. We may all have different ideas about the role of government or even economic theory.

We must unite in the common understanding that our own individual liberty is under attack by a ruling class that identifies more with King George III than it does with We the People.

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  1. Bobb Joseph Reply

    My goal as a freelance writer is to be of some help in reaching out to people who feel differently from my point of view, and to be of some help in uniting this great country once again. I believe that, as Americans, our similarities are greater than our differences.

  2. Victor Reply

    I just wrote a letter to Todd praising the excellent sociological analysis that he has brought to this issue the only problem however was that his conclusions are totally backwards.If the German people supported this bailout, then Angela Merkel and a collection of dead-man-walking politicians wouldn’t be in such dire straits these days. The fact is that the rest of Germany is up in arms over these bailouts precisely for the reasons Todd outlined in his piece: they view the Greeks (and the rest of the south) as utterly irresponsible.Thus, to continue to bail out these countries (as pieces of paper don’t seem to have changed their profligate ways) is viewed with further anger and frustration, which has led to the conundrum that Frau Merkel faces today continue to save the EU by costing the German taxpayer more and more money and be thrown out of office, or let the EU (and the Euro) become irrelevant.It really is too bad that this article missed that essential reality.