Parents Sue MPAA Over Cigarettes In Movies

In an industry based on images, some busybodies don't like...images.

Every now and then, something happens that we sit back and rejoice.  We are thrilled to see a group of concerned citizens stepping up and dealing with the trouble of our day through whatever means they have available.  These individuals, during these times, battle the truly important issues of our time.

This ain’t one of those times.

A group of parents are suing the Motion Picture Association of America to try and force them to change how they rate movies.  They take issue with non “R” rated movies containing the horrible sin of…*GASP* smoking.

From AOL (They still exist?):

The Motion Picture Association of America is facing a class-action lawsuit over depictions of smoking in movies rated PG-13 and lower.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, those battling the MPAA say it’s irresponsible to give movies a G, PG or PG-13 rating if they show smoking.


The MPAA argues movie ratings are “opinions” that aim to reflect how most parents would judge a film for kids. MPAA lawyers say those opinions are protected by the First Amendment.


But plaintiffs say this really isn’t a matter of free speech, it’s an issue of false advertising that could hurt kids.

Sweet Cecil B. Demil on a nuclear-powered pogo stick, really?

The plantiffs can say anything they want, but they’re not only wrong, they’re idiots.

PG and PG-13 stand for “parental guidance.”  It means that the parent is responsible for the choice.  Don’t want your kid to watch the movie?  Then don’t.

What these parents are asking for isn’t just a change in the rating system to reflect their personal values, but also for the courts to help them abdicate their responsibilities as parents when it comes to which movies to allow their children to watch.

This is especially humorous since Hollywood has done a lot to police the image of smoking in films as it is.  Remember Sean Connery as James Bond pulling out a cigarette case and lighting up?  What about Bruce Willis as John McClain taking a pack of smokes off of a terrorist he just…well…smoked?

These days, smoking isn’t generally associated with the good guys in movies.  However, smoking still exists and Hollywood isn’t going to pretend it doesn’t exist, nor should they.

As for these parents and their call to change the rating system, however, they need to sit down, have a smoke, and shut the heck up.  If they can’t do their job as parents, it is not the responsibility of the MPAA to pick up the slack, nor our as movie consumers.  It’s their job, and we’re sick of the rest of us being expected to pay for their lack of skill at their job.


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