Political Free-for-All! ‘Rock’ Meet ‘Hard Place’ if Hillary IS Indicted

We've deviated radically from the principles that should guide a republic.

The Democrats are in trouble. They have chosen a risky path for 2016 and while it still may play-out the way they hoped, even the most optimistic of Democratic strategists must admit that there are some dark clouds looming.

Chief among these concerns that undoubtedly keep DNC officials awake at night must be: “What happens if Hillary is indicted?”

It’s a worst-case scenario for the 2016 Democrat presidential frontrunner.

When asked about the possibility, she does not ever address it; “That’s not going to happen” is the best answer inquiring journalists can squeeze from the stubborn politician.

It’s hardly a comforting assurance; we’re quite positive that Richard Nixon recited that reassurance over and over in the midst of Watergate…

What happens if Clinton is indicted for her role in the transmission of thousands of classified and top-secret State Department documents over an unsecured, private server?

With evidence mounting and testifying witnesses being granted immunity for their testimony, it seems to be getting harder and harder for DNC operatives to shrug-off this mounting scandal.

Hillary CNN Spin Room CROPFurther, while the mainstream media dutifully works to downplay the significance of Clinton’s alleged transgression, numerous intelligence officials have come forward to explain in bold terms that what Clinton did was not only in violation of State Department protocol and her contract with the State Department, but was highly illegal and jeopardized American lives.

That is the crux of the argument against Clinton.

She did not violate some obscure rule; she jeopardized the lives of Americans and of American assets in foreign countries.

In his darkest moments, as the political noose tightened, Nixon could comfort himself with the idea that his actions, though crooked, did not endanger lives.  Clinton holds no such Nixon Haters Want to Hate

So, what happens if Clinton’s worst-case scenario plays out?

Democrats continue to insist that she won’t be indicted… but that’s what they have to say, right?

If she’s indicted, she will be forced to step-down from the race. If she does it after the DemocratBernie rally convention in late July, Democrats could rush to surround Bernie Sanders as the only other candidate.

However, even that is not a foregone conclusion; Sanders has stirred the populist pot, but would likely perform poorly in a general election.

If Democrats don’t agree on Sanders…

… the DNC could opt to promote another candidate from out of nowhere. Many speculate that the DNC’s “backup” is Vice President Joe Biden.

If the DNC backs Biden, however, they risk alienating the far-left that they have wooed for over a decade. The dedicated socialist crowd who “feels the Bern” has long maintained that the DNC has not been fair to Bernie Sanders and have taken every opportunity to nudge the party towards Clinton – a criticism that is actually quite well-founded.

If Clinton was indicted and stepped-aside before the convention, however, it would turn the convention into an absolute circus and a political free-for-all.

Unlike the GOP, the Democrat Party candidates have influence on who represents them on the convention floor. These delegates have been hand-picked for their loyalty, so straying from Clinton would be unpalatable to many and straying to Sanders would be far from certain.

When we add-in the influence of Democratic Superdelegates, the event becomes even more unstable.

Superdelegates are delegates who are allowed to select any candidate at the election. There are 712 of the unbound wildcards and most of them are Democrat Party leaders and politicians. Currently, 98% of those who have declared a preference have pledged for Hillary Clinton. However, if she is indicted, they will be crawling over on another to jump ship as they are mainly politicians who do not want to be linked to a candidate with a potential felony conviction.

Scroll through the entire list here –

The bottom line: many on the left might presume that if Clinton were indicted, Sanders would win the day. The fact is that if she is indicted, however, the issue becomes more complicated, not less.

If Clinton exits the race, the DNC will have a choice to make: support the crusty, old socialist who appears unelectable? Or support a new candidate in the eleventh hour that will be sure to upset the sizeable portion of the Democrat Party who would feel cheated out of the nomination?

It’s a no-win situation for Democrats if Clinton is indicted, but we suppose that’s the risk a party takes when they throw their support behind a woman who is the target of no less than four federal investigations.

The most startling aspect of this unfolding drama, however…

… is the underlying theme that dominates electoral politics on both sides of the spectrum. Even if we accept the fact that voters are offered only two choices as to who will be the leader of the executive branch, one should still be troubled by the lack of egalitarian principles present in both parties.

In both the Republican and Democratic Parties, we have party leaders pushing one candidate or otherwise looking to undermine another. Aside from the aforementioned scenarios concerning the DNC, there are whispers of RNC shenanigans that could rob Donald Trump of the nomination even if he receives 51% of the delegates.

We’ve deviated radically from the principles that should guide a republic.

When this is the state of our modern electoral process, it seems clear that we have deviated radically from the principles that should guide a republic and with the continuation of the two-party system, we have devolved into a supposed republic that functions like an oligarchy.

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