Problems with Non-Gender Specific Jails

San Francisco on the front lines of the battle over transgender rights.

The city of San Francisco is pretty proud of its forward thinking.  In particular, their idea to make jails non-gender specific starting this year.  The plan is that this will address the issue of transgender inmates.

If that solves one problem, what about the problems it can create?

The Los Angeles Times:

San Francisco’s county jails will be among the first in the nation to house transgender inmates by their gender preference, according to Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

Previously, San Francisco County put transgender inmates in an isolated wing of its downtown jail facility. But under the policy announced Thursday, Mirkarimi said, he hopes to have transgender inmates living with their preferred population.

The issue of where to house transgender inmates was also raised by Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympian, whose public transition last summer has been hailed for raising awareness about transgender issues, could face jail time if charged in a fatal crash that took place on Pacific Coast Highway.

Jenner expressed concern on NBC’s “Today” show about the prospect of being placed in a men’s prison.

“That is the worst-case scenario. I don’t know. We’ll see,” Jenner said. “The men’s county jail. It is an enormous problem that they would put trans-women in a men’s county jail.”

If a man “identifies” as a woman, he is free to serve time in female prison.

Wonder how the female prison population feels about that? For some reason we don’t think they were given a vote.

But that’s how San Francisco operates.  They tolerate their own beliefs and no one else’s.

This has become the new liberal rallying cry and San Francisco has inserted itself into the front line of this battle.

Whatever someone “identifies” as in their mind, they can pretend to be that with absolutely no restrictions.  And if someone doesn’t like it? Well, they are just a horrible bigot.

There is a valid point there.  Anyone can claim they identify as anything else, and many in today’s climate actually will make the argument that you either accept it or you’re an evil person.

In a jail environment, however, that can get…interesting.

For example, police arrest a serial rapist.  He’s hauled off to jail, but while he’s processed in, he announces that he’s actually a transgendered woman.

Now he’s thrown in with female inmates.  Do we really need to spell out this disaster for you?

That doesn’t even touch on the other, less dangerous ramifications. Your parents did have this talk with you, right? And the potential love triangles… oy vey.

Womens Prison

At some point, there has to be an objective standard for transgender inmates.  The problem is, when you do that, you’re right back to square one where someone is going to scream discrimination.

So much for forward thinking preventing problems, huh?


Photo Credit: Hannes Englebrecht/flikr
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