Festival Re-enactor Goes Medieval On Drone

The gentleman doth plucked yon drone straight of the heavens with his spear

The private use of drones has increased in recent years, with the little flying things videoing anything and everything.  This has opened up privacy concerns, such as when a man shot down a drone that was way too close to his property.

Using a drone at a public festival should be safe for the drone, right?  Especially a Russian medieval festival.


A spear, right to the drone.

That was an impressive display of spear throwing!

From a rights standpoint, the re-enactor was probably out of line and, in the U.S. at least, would have to pay for a new drone.

However, this does illustrate a key point.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  At something like a medieval festival, participants are there to enjoy the ambiance of the event.  They want to feel like they’ve stepped back in time and are witnessing an era that no longer exists.

Bringing a drone to something like that, and flying them low enough to be noticed, may be legal and you may have a right to do so, but it doesn’t make you less of a jerk for putting your own selfish interests above everyone else’s enjoyment.

Cue Jurassic Park reference:


Remember, boys and girls, this isn’t just for when you clone dinosaurs using other animal’s DNA.  It’s also for when you think something is going to be cool, but it just makes you a giant douchecanoe.

Seriously, though, you may have rights to do things, but rights come with obligations to not be a jerk while exercising them.

While the re-enactor may have overstepped his bounds by slaying the mighty drone beast, the drone operator really shouldn’t have had the drone at such an event anyways.  No, it doesn’t excuse the loss of his property, but it also means that we don’t feel too badly about him losing it.

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