Sanders Says "To Hell With the Fossil Fuel Industry" (Video)

But the fact remains, the world needs the fossil fuel industry.

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Self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders has two boogeymen.

First, there’s capitalism, where he’s all…

And second, there’s climate change, where he’s like…


If he were in an Adam Sandler movie, his only line would be, “Climate change is the devil!”

At a rally in South Carolina, Sanders kept up his usual rhetoric, this time throwing in a shot at the oil industry.

“I understand if you stand up to the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry, that you’ll lose your campaign contributions,” he said, according to The Hill. “[Climate change] is already causing devastating problems all over this world. To hell with the fossil fuel industry. Worry more about your children and your grandchildren than your campaign contributions.”

I’m sure the crowd there loved the anti-capitalist, anti-growth spiel, but the fact remains, the world needs the fossil fuel industry.

For example, how would Bernie get around the nation to campaign? Is Bernie taking the train? Was that stop in South Carolina part of a whistle-stop tour?

If so, what powered the train, because it couldn’t have been diesel, coal or wood?

But of course Bernie didn’t travel by train. He flew there in a plane powered by fossil fuel. He then took a car from the plane to the event, which was powered by fossil fuel.

He talks a good game, but let’s see him get through one day without fossil fuel.

FACT: The world operates on oil and we need more of it, not less.

But, but, but…the Berniemobile is a Tesla, an electric car. He could take that and not need fossil fuel, smart guy.

But what about all the plastic used to make it? The Tesla factory has it’s own plastic molding department, according to Drive Electric Vermont.

And to make plastic, you need hydrocarbon gas liquids, which are a by-product of…wait for it…petroleum refining.

So the Tesla would have be be made of heavier products, diminishing the efficiency of the batteries, assuming they could be made without plastic parts. In fact, every car, truck, bus, plane and train would be impacted by the absence of plastic.

And then, of course, by the absence of fuel.

Does Bernie expect us to go back to the horse drawn carriage? Horseback?

What would he do regarding the damage to the national economy? Or the world economy?

Trade would essentially shut down, as everything is shipped by train and steamship.

Do you see how asinine this rhetoric is? To Hell with the fossil fuel industry? The world needs the fossil fuel industry.

Since its inception, the oil industry has made our lives better.

When John D. Rockefeller began Standard Oil, kerosene was around 60 cents a gallon. He was able to improve the refining process and eventually drove the price down to 8 cents a gallon. If he was a gouging robber baron, he was really bad at it. Due to his price being so low, more people could afford it. As more people could afford it, more people started staying up after the sun went down. Our standard of living improved.

After kerosene, our houses were light by electric light, which of course was powered by coal fired power plants. Despite it producing a majority of our power, Sanders would like to do away with it also, because carbon dioxide is allegedly going to set the planet on fire.

Would Sanders have us go back to burning whale oil for lighting? No. That’s crazy talk.

We can’t kill whales. Just go to bed when the sun goes down, or something.

After all, we’ve got to stop climate change so the Islamic terrorists will stop killing people.

But he was just saying he’s like Big Oil and the Koch Brothers to stop buying politicians and spending billions to implement their agenda, you say.

Well, there’s an easy solution to that — limited government.

When government exists only to secure the rights of the people, there’s no need for rich people to spend money on politicians.

The less involved government is, the less corrupt.

It doesn’t follow that greater government involvement in the market will result in less corruption or money flowing to influence law.

Unless, of course, the people advocating greater government also intends to implement greater use of force.

History shows that one often follows the other.

Bernie talks a good game, but in the end, he preaches an agenda that lowers our standard of living and increases government’s role in our lives.

If you think differently, by all means, tell us about it in the comments.

Photo Credit: Marc Nozell/flikr
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