Tea Party Icon William Temple: “We Have Another Valley Forge Moment, Right Now”

So I make this final appeal to you my friends, knowing that the wounds are deep and the sorrow heavy!

Guest Contributor 

I think all of you who know me realize that I am deeply disappointed by the choices made by our fellow countrymen and women! I was in Houston when Ted signed my Tea Party flag the night heWilliam group salute won his nomination to the Senate: the only bright spot of the whole evening as Romney went down to defeat! And yes, I held my nose and voted for Romney. But as disappointed as I am in my fellow Americans, and as emotionally drained as I am from eight years of criss-crossing the nation fighting for the Tea Party and its values, and as ready as I am to throw in the towel and give up, God is saying to me in that still small voice of His, “William, It’s not over! Fight the good fight of faith and trust in Me!” So, fellow patriots, though I may be disappointed, I am not downcast! Faith when everything is going well, is not faith! We have another Valley Forge moment right now, will you go home, or will you stay in the battle?

The nation has chosen it’s candidates: Hillary or Trump!

Apart from the emotional revulsion that many of us feel, and I as well, and the future tragic implications that these two choices bring, we must now more than ever think rationally and petition God for direction. He has not given up on those of us who trust in Him! We must think like the prophet Daniel did when he was forced to serve as a slave the pagan King Nebuchadnezzar. And we know that both Trump and Hillary are pagans, full of pride and ego. If you haven’t read Daniel, I challenge you to do so, and see what God can do, especially when all human effort seems futile!

So, what am I proposing patriots?

First, don’t give up and retreat into the self-serving and futile: “I aint’ gonna vote!” or the “I’m just gonna write-in Ted on the ballot”, or “I’ll join some 3rd Party ticket! mentality.

Doing any of those three things will ensure that Hillary Clinton, the candidate that offers us nothing, and hates everything we stand for wins! And though you may get a cheap thrill in having been proven right about Trump (and me too), you will guarantee that your 2nd amendment rights and your freedom of religion and speech rights are further eroded, that our military is decimated and embarrassed: turned into a social PC experiment, that our nation is invaded from all directions by people who do not share our western values and constitutional frame of government, with our borders wide open, the national debt sky-rocketing, and the federal government more and more oppressive of our citizens, and the constitution continually trampled.

Second, as bad as Trump is….

…. and again I’ll hold my nose when I vote…  there are some realities that cannot be escaped in this election debacle. Though Trump is a slimy candidate to be sure, and a man with no moral compass but his own narcissist focus, he has made promises to his rabid followers, many of whom were once marching with us for the return to the limits of the Constitution on the federal government. They fell under his spell as he attacked both the failed crony-capitalist leaders in our government and the ambulance-chasing media. We all enjoyed seeing him slap them around, though men like Ted had acually been opposing them in the battle long before Trump jumped in. Be that as it may,

Trump has placed his whole campaign on the promises he has made to:

  • Build the wall
  • Close the borders 
  • Stop Muslims from invading the country 
  • Deport illegals and stop them from taking our jobs 
  • Punish American businesses that move out of the country for cheap labor
  • Turn the trade deficit around
  • Make our allies pay their fair share for our protection 
  • Make our military and nuclear deterrent so strong that no one will mess with us
  • Destroy ISIS 
  • End the PC culture 
  • Balance the budget 
  • Stop wasteful government spending 
  • Bring back American businesses 
  • Eliminate the national debt

Hillary Clinton will do none of this!

And I remind you, Ted Cruz was for all of these things patriots!

Now third, can Trump do all this in 4 years? I doubt it! But at least if he tries that’s more than Hillary will do. Agreed? And remember, these are his “promises” to his followers! They’re “YUGE!” They will not let him retrench on these things or he’s toast in four years.

So, my point is:
There is an incredible difference in what Trump is promising (with which I agree), and the absolute liberal destruction of the republic by Clinton.

Between now and November, Trump understands that for all the harm he has done in winning the nomination …. and driving Conservatives, women, and Christians away with his bombastic, New York knee-capping values… he must now unite the party and extend the olive branch to those he’s seriously offended.  That includes Congress, with whom he will have to work to get anything done.
Can he? I don’t know, but he must or lose!

Today, many of us say no way! But,

I appeal to your reason here, not your emotions. Think about the options available and the possibilities. Trump may be stupid, but he’s not dumb! Can he be played? Definitely yes, between now and the election if we are smart! We need a Conservative on the Supreme Court. Think about that! We won’t get that from Hillary, ever! Might for unity’s sake we make Trump promise to put one on the Court – even a Ted Cruz? Hmmm? And who for VP for unity’s sake, etc? Trump knows that Cruz gathered millions of supporters he needs to win, he must make “deals”! Get it?

There are still cards left to play, and they can be major for the future of our lost-sheep nation! A Trumpster may have to guarantee he’ll go to a flat tax, end the government-funded abortion business, eliminate sanctuary cities, endorse Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, etc.

William, Standing PostIf we Conservatives hang together and play the cards we have, Trump must court us now to win. He must! That doesn’t mean we can have total confidence in this man as President to do the right thing, or that we need to work for his election necessarily as we have for Ted, but with Hillary there will be nothing at all but total decline for decades!

So I make this final appeal to you my friends, knowing that the wounds are deep and the sorrow heavy! But God’s mercies are new every morning, and as Jesus said, “If you ask your father for bread will he give you a stone? How much more will your heavenly Father give you good things!”

Keep the faith, you “will” heal; and then use your wisdom and knowledge to go forward!

Huzzah patriots!

I will vote for Trump in November!

~ William

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  1. IowaFalcon Reply

    The thing is, I will not support Trump simply because of his promises to:
    -Punish American businesses that move out of the country for cheap labor
    -Turn the trade deficit around
    -Make our allies pay their fair share for our protection
    These are predicated on the idea that free markets have somehow failed us. They have not. We now manufacture more than we ever have, and we could not have all of the millions of high dollar engineering, IT, and Healthcare jobs if we still required most of our labor force to be in manufacturing assembly. The truth is, we manufacture more in the US today than ever before, and American manufacturing is growing faster than all but a handful of countries. We simply do it with less labor. We also do a lot more of a lot of other things. Today, manufacturing is only 25% of the US economy, making it about 2/3rds the size of the healthcare sector, and it will continue to shrink as a percentage of our economy just like food production did. WE don’t have huge trade deficits when you look at the whole. We buy from China and other nations that are low-cost producers of base goods. They can not afford to buy our goods. We sell to rich countries like England and France, who can afford our goods. We run huge surplusses with them. It balances out. Right now, the US Current Account sits at roughly $125B, which is a rounding error for the size of our economy, and has been inching closer to zero for years. I am not quite sure when the Conservative Movement stopped being about free market capitalism and private property rights in favor of Big Government central planning, but count me out if it has.
    Right now China is going through its industrial revolution at the same time it is going through it’s information age revolution. Think about what happened when the industrial revolution happened in the West. So much war that it should bring us to tears just thinking about it. Do we really want now to be the time that we forget about containment so that we can try to get countries that give up sovereignty to host our military to also pay for the honor? What, are we going to start thinking of the US military as nothing more than the worlds largest mercenary force?
    It is in our best interest to end poverty, hunger, and Third World conditions across the world, not simply pretend that those things don’t exist. Rich neighbors make good neighbors. Mexico will be a much better neighbor when they have wages like those in the US and Canada. All of this America First junk misses the very core of the teachings of Jesus on how we are to treat each other and act. I want no part of it.

  2. CruzinPatriot Reply

    You Mr Temple are an idiot if you actually believe Dumpster will do any of this! Besides, he has already flip flopped on these issues! He is TELLING us that he has changed his mind, didn’t really mean it, etc, etc! I am so very sorry to hear that YOU sir have also drank the cool-aide!

  3. leetrav Reply

    Thank you William Temple! America and AMERICANS…FIRST!!!

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