Outside Recess Canceled For This Texas Homeschooling Family #GladysKravitz

Dragged into civil court for the noise created by their children playing outside during the day.

There’s a saying that truth is stranger than fiction.  It really is, too.  Take, for example, the Wards.  They are suing their neighbors.  In and of itself, it’s not that unusual.  However, the reason why they’re suing is the problem.

You see, their neighbors, the Counts, homeschool their children and allow their kids to play outside during the day when the weather allows.

Yes, you read that right.

From the Inquisitr:

A Texas homeschooling family is being sued by their neighbors for letting their four children play outside during the day when most kids are in “normal school.” The neighbors say the children are a “noise disturbance” and that they deserve peace and quiet. However, Kelly Counts says the neighbors never voiced their concerns to her, but rather started blasting lewd rap music from their windows every time the children would come outside to play. Now, Kelly says she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own backyard and she is being force to head to court over her children playing outside on a playhouse. The angry neighbors note that the kids are loud, it disturbs their peace and upsets their dogs.

CBS Plano reports that Kelly and Andrew Counts are the parents of four children. The family chose to home school their children as Kelly stays home with them. However, during their time at home, the children will frequently go outside to play when the weather is nice. The Counts family’s neighbors claim that the children being home during the day is a nuisance, and that it is disturbing their right to a peaceful home. Therefore, the Counts’ neighbors, Irving and Anita Ward, are suing the family for the noise created by their children playing outside during the day.

Sweet Line Dancing David Bowie, are you freaking kidding us?

The argument is the kids are outside playing when other children are in school, which disturbs the Wards because the kids are kids.  In other words, loud.

However, they never bothered to talk to the Counts. There’s a difference between people living their lives and disturbing the peace..  Oh, we’re talking about some really mature people here when we talk about the Wards, aren’t we?

Here’s the kicker quote though:

In the Wards own lawsuit, they note that the children play outside during daylight hours and occasionally during the evening; therefore, there is no indication that the children are being “too noisy” late into the evening or early in the morning when most people would be sleeping. Should homeowners expect “peace and quiet” during daylight hours? What about regular daytime noises such as lawnmowers, loud vehicles, construction equipment and people simply enjoying the daytime hours?

That’s it right there. They’re playing during regular daytime hours.  If they are going to sue because these kids are playing during the day, how long until they decide to sue their retired neighbor for running his table saw, or the neighborhood’s landscaping company?

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There’s a difference between people living their lives and disturbing the peace.  Based on what we see here, the Counts are living their lives.  The Wards?  Perhaps if they didn’t want to hear children during the day, they should have moved to a neighborhood without any kids – perhaps The Villages.

After all, what did they expect to happen during the summer?

Photo Credit: Tatiana Kostareva/123rf

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