Think Too Many GOP Are Running for POTUS ?

You Really Have No Idea.

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Boo Boo for President?  Maybe.  Check the lists below. The field is even more crowded than you can imagine.

Data from the Federal Elections Commission show that as of August 7th, 554 people have filed formal paperwork to be the one sitting in the Oval Office. That’s 15% more than in 2012 and more than half of those are running outside of the two major parties.

The website lists 39 candidates for the GOP nomination. Yet, despite talk about the crowded GOP field,  there are 85 Democrats listed on the FEC’s website.  Including…. Buddy the Cat.

In addition to the Democrats and Republicans, there are Independents, Libertarians, and even a Communist with paperwork filed to run for the White House in 2016.

 Third-Party Third Party Presidential Candidates
Republican  Republican Presidential Candidates
Democratic  Democratic Presidential Candidates
Libertarian  Libertarian Presidential Candidates
Independent  Independent Presidential Candidates
Green-Party  Green Party Presidential Candidates
Constitution-Party  Constitution Party Presidential Candidates

So why haven’t you heard about these candidates?  Most are unlikely to appear on even a few (or any) ballots because access rules restrict who’s actually listed in most states. The ballot rules range from very simple in some states, to practically draconian in others. This means candidates from outside of the major parties have daunting hurdles to get over just to be voted on, and the challenge is met with varying levels of success.

In fact, only the Libertarian Party appears on state ballots with any regularity. Others, such as the Green Party, appears frequently on the ballots in some states, and never show up in others.

Either way, 2016 is shaping up to be a wild ride.


Libertarian  Libertarian National Convention
Republican  Republican National Convention
Democratic  Democratic National Convention


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