Trump to Head to Flint, MI to Address Water Crisis

The GOP candidate will tour a water treatment facility and Flint neighborhoods

Donald Trump will be visiting Flint, MI on Wednesday to assess the water crisis in the troubled city.

The Flint NBC affiliate reports Trump will tour neighborhoods and visit the water treatment facility.

In an exclusive interview with NBC25-FOX66 in Detroit, Trump says more needs to be done to restore safe drinking water to the city’s nearly 100,000 residents after lead contamination. He says it was a failure of elected officials and public servants to make sure the public water utility was run properly.

“First of all, it would have never happened, because it was so ridiculous. In order to save a small amount of money, they re-do the whole thing and now it’s a disaster,” Trump told NBC25-FOX66 news anchor Dave Bondy. “I will say this, my administration, we’ll get very much involved, and we’re going to get the problem solved. But it’s still not solved and it’s hard to believe – but it’s really harder to believe that they did it in the first place, should have never happened.”

Touring distressed communities in the country is par for the course on the Presidential campaign trail. Both candidates are eager to prove their leadership abilities in the face of what many feel has been a feckless administration. Clinton has already visited Flint twice in the past year and Trump famously beat Obama to survey the crisis in the Baton Rouge floods.

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